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15- Moonlight : Mick & Beth
12- The Office : Jim & Pam
12- Robin Hood : Robin & Marian
15- Chuck : Chuck & Sarah

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..I'm running through your veins like a habit you can't kick...

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'Spider-Man 3' Official Soundtrack -May 1st
· Snow Patrol - "Signal Fire"
· The Killers - "Move Away"
· Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sealings"
· Wolfmother - "Pleased to Meet You"
· The Walkmen - "Red River"
· Black Mountain - "Stay Free"
· The Flaming Lips - "Spider-Man vs. Muhammad Ali"
· Simon Dawes - "Scared of Myself"
· Chubby Checker - "The Twist"
· Rogue Wave - "Sight Lines"
· Coconut Records - "Summer Day"
· Jet - "Falling Star"
· Sounds Under Radio - "Portrait of a Summer Thief"
· Wasted Youth Orchestra - "A Letter to St. Jude"
· The Oohlas - "Small Parts"
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FOB will be tapping their veins for a contest, one in which they'll mix their own blood with the printing ink that will be used on a series of promotional posters.Each will be hand-numbered and individually made. In addition, all prints will have a mixture of each member of the band's blood in it."One lucky winner at each of the 43 stops on the tour -- which kicks off on April 18 in Charlotte, North Carolina -- will take home a print, which FOB management said will be "hand-screened variations of the [Infinity on High] tarot-card designs."

..I opened my mailbox to find Gerard Way's stupid pasty Bowie-wannabe face staring at me from the pitch-black chasm of his metal coffin, suffocating among the unpaid bills and slicing his wrists on credit card offers. "Kids were gonna kill themselves. Then they heard our music," blurbs the My Chemical Romance frontman. Funny — that's how I feel when I hear My Chemical Romance — l like I want to do myself in...
reads, Teen Suicide - What's Stopping You?

Whats up with all the MCR hate? I totally get the argument and agree with some of the article to a point, but why bash MCR? And as for Fall Out Boy, I don't know what to say...
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The Late Show with David Letterman - Brand New
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Plain White T's
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Milo Ventimiglia ; Incubus

Green Day is in the just-released trailer for this summer's "The Simpsons Movie." The trio are shown performing on what looks to be a capsizing stage.
A spokesperson for 20th Century Fox wouldn't confirm anything, but according to the band's rep at Warner Bros./ Reprise, the erstwhile American Idiots do appear in the film and will even have a song featured. It's not clear if the tune will be something written specifically for the Simpsons' flick, which hits theaters July 27. ...
If you haven't seen it well heres some pics for ya:

According to PEOPLE magazine, James Blunt was involved in a car accident early Saturday morning. While attempting to leave a pre-Oscar party at CAA agent Bryan Lourd's house, the pop singer ran over a man's foot. Police were called to the scene but there's no word on whether Blunt faces any charges.

Fall Out Boys bassist Pete Wentz denies being involved with Ashlee Simpson. Wentz, 27, has regularly been spotted holding hands and kissing Simpson, but denies it is anything serious. Wentz insists the two are not an item, and told Rolling Stone magazine, "Maybe in a different universe we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one."
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Wentz draws attention while the rest of Fall Out Boy focuses on the music,
"It basically forced us to make an album quickly because I wanted to make sure people remembered that we're a band and not a sideshow," says Stump. "People always want to see Pete in this 'I'm-a-crazy-rock-star' light and it's a shame because they lose so much about him in the fine print. And more than anything, they lose so much about the music. It's horribly frustrating."
"People only want to hear about drama and bad stuff," adds guitarist Joe Trohman. "No one wants to know that things are good."

What inspired Cobra Starship? Mastermind and frontman Gabe Saporta reviels all.

Pop punk Joel Madden and girlfriend Nicole Richie will be putting their romance to the test when they hit the road together.
Madden has told twin brother Benji and his fellow Good Charlotte band mates the socialite will be joining them when they tour America later this year....
Read the rest, you know you want to...*rolls eyes*

I have alot to say about that...but I think I'm going to be nice.
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