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mandah☆'s Journal

Below are the 5 most recent journal entries.


  2009.05.27  17.24

  • 12:15 Wow. I forgot about you, twitter. #

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  2005.11.13  15.49

taken from the wonderous toddCollapse )


  2005.09.28  00.54

who wants to make my cosplay for sugoi this year? i'm willing to pay guys. so if you're good at sewing, please help me. <333

also, if you want to stay in a room with me, stephen, & jeremy... let me know!!! comment or call me.


  2005.08.12  12.32

To all the guys in the wreck, I love every single one of you dearly. Once Kyle gets out, you'll all be alright. <3

Mood: scared

  2003.10.21  18.43

Add me ♥ Comment ♥ I*ll add you back.


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