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the 26th @ 1 PM]
i just got a myspace!!!

my thing is http://www.myspace.com/glitterhi

but i dont know how to do it, like make it pretty, or do ANYTHING, so someone help!!

and add me too!!
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the 1st @ 1 PM]
I made a new journal. I havent used it yet, but I will be deleting this one.

My new LJ is material__girl_

So if you want to keep me on your friends list make sure you add my new journal

and I will add you back :)
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splurging <3 [Monday
the 21st @ 10 AM]
I think I'm going tonight to get one of the new scribble bags from Coach
i love them allllll so much, and i dont know which one to get

either the small hobo ($168)

or the bigger hobo ($198)

or the small tote ($138)

or the bigger tote ($178)

i'm pretty sure i'll get either of the big ones, because those are really good prices for coach bags
its prob because there's no leather on them or anything.
i cant believe i didnt see these ever before today because i think they are the cutest bags ever.

so i want opinions, which ones does every one like?
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happy anniversary [Thursday
the 10th @ 3 PM]
today is adam and i's 3 month aniversary.
its crazy cuz it feels like 3 years.
its so amazing to be this in love.

anyways i thought this would be interesting to do....
ive had livejournal for FOUR years (since 2001)
sooooo i went back to every year and picked out an entry from
around this date from each year... here it goes

i look at other peoples boyfriends, and i think to myself how lucky i am to have my boyf.
we do fight sometimes, but that only makes us stronger, because we always work things out.
and the fights are always about stupid little stuff that dont even matter.
but like, i have a friend who's boyfriend beats her, my boyfriend doesnt even YELL at me, nevermind hurt me in anyway.
and i know he is true to me, even though i might not always be the best girlfriend.
but at least i know that he loves me and cares about me, and he would do anything for me.
i dont *pretend* that we have like this awesome relationship, because we REALLY do.
i'm not oblivious to what goes on, i know what goes on.
i'm so happy and in love, it's not an act i have to put on for anyone.
i'm not really directing this towards anyone, i am just saying in general....
but like these girls who arent 100% happy and they think they are going to spend the rest of their lives with theses guys...its like... things wont change. if you are not happy now, you never will be happy with him, so why bother? why put yourself through that? you need to be happy.
and i love you taco, with all my heart. you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and i thank my lucky stars for you.

We went to the hippodrome last night and it was so fun. I went with Stephanie, Ruth, Christine, Christine, Kim and Lisa. Girls night out. Dancing was so fun, and we all have to go out more often. We drank first at Ruths house, so I got completely trashed, and I think we got to the club around like 11:30, I dunno. But we stayed until 2, then we went out to eat, by the time we got back to Westfield State and settled at Kim's dorm it was 5:30, so we went to bed around then, and Kims roomates alarm clock went off at 7:30 and she didnt know how to turn it off so it basically kept going off every 10 minutes until 9:30, and thats when I came home. And funny how I have glitter from Ruth all over me, I'm like totally gold. Anways I cant wait til I transfer to Westfield state next year, cuz I'm definately going to dorm there, my parents cant get pissed cuz I pay for college, so you would think I could choose to live there.
Me and Taco are going to the Britney Spears concert tomorrow night- woo hoo.

A little boy that I used to babysit for named Bryant died to to cancer. R.I.P.

welcome college life....
so i had a pretty eventful weekend....
so thursday night me and all the girls in our section get all dolled up to go out...
after hours of getting ready we finally go to this party...
we drive there, pay our $5 to get in...
get our cups...then go fill up our first beers...then the cops come...so the hundreds of people at the party all squish downstairs in the cellar...then me and my roomate bonzi were just like forget it lets leave...so we were home by 11

friday night i went to my friend bobs house for another kegger...it was pretty fun, but i was put into a shitty mood, so it kind of put a damper on our night...i got back into my room about 3

well my friend bobby calls me (he is my ex boyfriend dan's old roomate...he is hot as hell and ive always had a crush on him) so im like, come party with me and my roomate and her boyfriend cuz we have a 30 pack and 2 handles of vodka...
bobby comes (still as gorgeous as always) so we all start partying....i must have taken 2993058 shots of bacardi-o...
we start playing beer pong using our closet door as the table...
so we were really loud and really trashed...cops came...
yup we got busted...were getting what is called a "5-5-50" it means 5 weekends off campus...5 hours community service, and a $50 fine...also put on probation, and might have to attend AA classes...
my first weekend here...crazzzzzzzzzzy shit
but anyways, bobby slept over, and thats all im saying
so at least one good thing came out of my weekend

it seems like so much has changed.
last year for vday i went out for chinese with jessie shana and alli, then we went to a party and thats where i met nick for the first time.

isabels parents went away so i have her this weekend, well tomorrow morning til late sun night. im gonna feel like such a mom, driving around a mini van and all. but im so excited, i love that baby as much as i would love my own :).

so i kinda take back the things i said about dan. things are actually going really well (knock on wood)
im just keeping my gaurd up and trying not to show my feelings. im playing hard to get for once with him and its working. he calls me about 2908 times a day, and he's the one who is making an effort. he tells me he loves me all the time.. last night he was like i love u and miss u so much, and i was like, aw thats sweet...and i say nothing back.
i think hes catching on, but its just making him try even harder so its working. tomorrow hes taking my car and giving it an oil change. then hes gonna come over and just hang out and help me with isabel.

thats it for now..i dunno what im doing yet tonight.
all i know is that i want to go shopping but its kinda late now, by the time i get ready and stuff.
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the 16th @ 3 PM]
does anyone know how to put a header like, on top ofmy journal entries?
i got a new layout except it looks funny at the top, i need to put something there.

for the fist time in 7 years im the one telling dan that i dont really want to be in a reltionship
and i want to take things slow and all the stuff
now hes the one who is hurt and upset.
well its not me for once....

not to mention that i am in love with my neighbor adam
oh so much.
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This was fun and everyone should do it! [Friday
the 15th @ 10 AM]

Step 1: Open your audio player.
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first 15 songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 4: Put a heart next to the ones you LOVE

1. Paris Hilton- Screwed
2. Jimmy Buffet- Cheeseburger in Paradise
3. Vanessa Carlton- White Houses
4. Mobb Deep- Got it Twisted
5. Dashboard Confessional- Hands Down (acoustic) ♥
6. Nina Sky- Reggeatone ♥
7. Shyne, Ashanti- Jimmy Choo ♥♥♥
8. Peetey Pablo- Freek-a-Leek♥
9. Elton John- Tiny Dancer♥
10. Garth Brooks- Butterfly Kisses♥(even though i dont think he sings it, but thats what it says?)
11. Nelly and Tim McGraw- Over and Over♥
12. Less Than Jake- We're Not going to Take It
13. Elvis Crespo- Suavemente ♥
14. Nirvana- Smells like Teen Spirit
15. Lady Saw- I got Your man♥
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the 2nd @ 3 PM]
Tell Me
I've made this entry public and I'm not logging IP addresses, so it's fair. We'll see how many of you really believe in anonymity.

I want you to post anything that you want.
Post a story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, what you think about me- anything.

Be sure to post honestly and anonymously, though.
Post as many times as you'd like, and then put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realize read your LJ) have to say.

Thank you!

Go ahead, tell me your secrets. You're the only one who knows.
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the 29th @ 11 AM]
its so ridiculous to me when someone can go so long without putting effort into a friendship....they can talk shit and not be there for their friend, and act like they are better than them and TELL other friends that they are better than them...then once they realize that theyve lost other friendships, they will go back to that first friendship. and act like they care so much. its lke how can u go months without giving a shit than all of a sudden act so involved, and not even take it slow, and be like oh lets work things out, but take things fast and act like ur there 100% for that person, and i dunno.....whatver...

its fake, thats all
if u cared so much about the friendship u wouldnt have almost let it fade away in the first place....then its like u find out this news that u didnt even know for the first week....and normally u would be so critical and so negative about the situation, but u feel like u need to suck up so u try to act so involved...once again...FAKE...thats all i have to say
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guess whaaaaaaaaaat [Friday
the 1st @ 2 PM]

yeah baby, in 3 days i will be 20~!!~*!~()(
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the 14th @ 3 PM]
I made my journal friends only. Add me and I will add you back. Make sure you're logged in to read my entries (stephanie...)
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