resolc ja aaron

NIИ, HELLsinki

stage trucks :-) (there were three trucks)
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oh, this performance was impossible amazing... i was so close to the stage that i could see everything on it.. and Aaron jumped into the crowd and that was very close to me(see pic number6)...
actually, this performance was like 'Beside You in Time'... there were less decoration, but the track list and the band moves were the same...
and two brand-new song: the beginning of the end and survivalism...

few words about Ladytron, which was before NINe INCh NAILs.
they are playing cool electronic music and every song was greet with clapping.. i have dloaded their last album and it is playing for the whole morning in my stereo now.. i like them..
so i did several pretty ok pictures and now i showing them to you...

comment :-)

P.S. wait for some videos from this perfomance.. they are really ok with pretty good sound
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