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Alrighty, so I've sorted through my friends list & here goes:

Please delete me:
__vintagekiss I really don't know you and don't feel like I ever will.
ersatz_alice Your entries never catch me.
inkanther27 I don't even know who you are.. =\
p_rocks I don't think I know you either.
sharkbait_x Nothing catches me.
christy14k I think you've updated like twice in the last 6 months and the entires consist of something like three words.
karry_86 Honestly, I have never read any of your entries.
minutehorizons You're new, but I dunno. I don't think I've ever really read a post of yours.

The following people decide whether you're staying on my list or not. If you don't comment, you're outta here!
_hidethecutlery You're some-what interesting, but I don't read majority of your entires.
drrosensteinmd I admit, I don't read many of your posts but you're funky
_tuppy Urm, I didn't read all of your posts, but you were interesting sometimes...
angel_that_died You're strange.. and it annoys me when you use * instead of '

I decided to tell you if I'm keeping you and why! So I'm keeping:
123blackpaint You're a newbie to my list and you seem cool so far! =]
heureuxencore You interest me, although I don't read all of your entries.
__popsicle Hi Nicole! I read all of your entries but I don't know you that well. I plan on knowing you!
harrietwalker I haven't really conversed with you in awhile but I like you.
kadorite I never miss an entry of yours, tho I hardly comment. You're very .. real. I like that.
lil_killjoy You're just so snazy. *cuddles*
ohsotypical___ Old Lj friend who I will never dispose of! =P <3 you.
spessica You interest me & you seem like a strong person!
tika I don't read all of your posts but you're a lovely person and you and your boyfriend are so cute!
unendingreverie *Jumps on you* I don't read all of your posts but I adore you! Oh & do you still use those other accounts?
strongersharper You're a newbie as well but I like you so far!
verita_in_vino So cute! You always around and I think that's awesome!
x_1986_x I like reading through your pregancy experiences and I'm always so excited for you!
xanya You're too smart. You'd probably outsmart me into keeping you even if I did delete you. Haha. Plus, you like House!

The people who didn't delete me from my last cut:

If you're not above anywhere, then I'm keeping you! I think.