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"on another note, i'm supposed to be going with mike and his parents up to drop him off tomrorow. and im not sure if i want to. usually mike is very unsure when i ask him things, and when i asked him if he wanted me to go, after saying "its up to you" and me yelling at him for an answer he replied with "well, i could use the company"- i feel like he actually wants me to go. like, for real."

He claims me loves me, but he asks his ex girlfriend, or whatever she is, to go to college with him.

Damn, i didn't even have to look at his texts to know. Pfft. 

You're caught, you're busted.

It's impossible to fuck two girls at the same time.

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i'm burnt from 3 days at the beach.
all i did was surf and walk. not tan. so wtf?
i can't even put on lotion without crying :[

anyway, the next few weeks are going to be crazy!
this week's finals
this weekend's mikes wedding in florida
next week's a week of the beach!
then a week of snowboarding in oregon!

so sorry if i've been kinda out of it or seem too busy
cause i'm honestly really really fucking busy

umm... and that's that. dunno really why i updated.
but now you know what's up. 
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I'm cutting almost all of my friends list here.
I don't read many of your entries anyway.
This is something for me right now
And I don't need a lot of people knowing whats up.
It's nothing personal.
Just I'd rather be more private these days.

If this is a big deal to you, lemme know.
I don't want to start a fight because of a lame friends cut.