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Jared - Yes


Ok, everyone knows it already but I have to say it... JARED is coming to ASYLUM!!!!!!!!

Hoping no one cancels, that weekend is gonna be a dream come true! I'll met Jensen, Jared and Misha!!! OMFG!! Rogue events really surprised me this year, I remember last year when the con ended and I bought the ticked for this years, I was just hoping they would get one of the guys... and when they got Misha, I was just happy with him, but then they announced Jensen and I didn't thing it would be realistic to hope they would get Jared too... but OMG now all three are gonna come!! (AGAIN HOPPING NO ONE CANCELS)
And to think I was just preparing to go to bed... I've just called my sister to tell her and she didn't believe at the beginning...
This is the best thursday ever... New episode and Jared's announcement...

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Ok so usually I don't post any episode reactions to any shows but supernatural... but what can I say... I feel like writing today...

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So FINALLY!!! new SUPERNATURAL episode tonight!!!! I think to celebrate it, i'm gonna wake very, very early and catch the episode when it airs in the US, and see it on line. I did it one time, for "Family Remains" I can do it again... I need new Winchester scenes, but i'm scared of what's gonna happen to them at the same time.

And one last thing... have you seen the Collapse )
Alec - YAY!

Season 5 of Supernatural

YAY!!! I'm really, really happy that we got another season with the boys.
But i'm scared because the show it's getting darker and if it goes where I think it might go (i'm spoiler free) It's gonna break my heart. And all the angst... It's great but at the same time it hurts me, and I don't even wanna start to think how the show will end...

But anyway... another season to look forward watching the boys every week :D

New Misha Interview

Ok, everytime I watch or read a new interview of Misha I like him a little bit more, heehee.

HERE's a new interview of him. Be careful it contains some little spoilers. And it's great to hear he's gonna stick around for a while, heehee! I great to read how the spn set is and that he likes working with J2.

I got a little worried in last episode when Alaister was strangling (???) him. I was thinking "NO!, no no no, you can kill him, no, no no, somebody help him!", and then Dean helped him, and I loved Dean more just for that LOL!

Heehee, now i'm just posting to use my new icons... almost all of them are from padabee. She's really a great icon maker.
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I kind of squee a little bit louder here at work, just now... my co-workers downstairs are looking weird at me 'cause i'm smiling big time... MISHA COLLINS is coming to Asylum 3!!!!!

I was really hoping they could get him, so i'm really happy now... they really made my day.
hey handsome

Times goes fast

OMG!! Asylum in just in two weeks!!! YAY!!
And Gordon has been added to the list of guests!!! I'm loving all the guests coming this year, well Ruby I don't care too much but the others are great. It's a shame neither Jared or Jensen could come, and I think i'll never gonna meet them now... but the line up for Asylum is very good, and I think is gonna be a weekend to remember.

Gotta start doing a countdown today just like I did when I went to Vancouver, heehee! Good times!

I still haven't seen the SPN episode, but just another half hour and i'm off to whatch it.
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Ok, the electronics are hating me this week... first it was my laptop, and today my TV!!! my '40TV.... and just when I was going to watch Supernatural... argghhh!!

I was at home making me lunch with the episode burned in a cd to put it on the DVD. I prepare de dvd, turn the TV on, i'm going to get my lunch and I hear a pufff!!! and the screen tv goes black, the light of stand-by it's not working, so I turn a little crazy searching for the invoice, to use the warranty and call the support service or whatever is called, and after freaking a little bit I found it. I call to the company and on Fridays they finish at 14:30 damn!!! it was 15:00h. So I'm out of TV for the whole weekend at least... I had to watch the episode on my computer.

But the episode has so good moments that my anger about the tv has almost gone away already. LOL! Collapse )

Well gotta go back to work...
hey handsome

Back from Vacation... I saw jared and jensen filming!!!!

Ok, yesterday got back from my vacation. It's been a great week, different, but great!
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This is the pic she gave me signed, i'm so gonna frame it!
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So not only we have a wonderful cast, but the crew of the show is AWESOME too!!!! This show ROCKS!!!!

Here are the pics I took on the set (I was so far away that my zoom did all it could, lol!)Collapse )

And everly it was great meeting you in person, you're awesome and I hope you're having a great time this week in Vancouver with your friends.