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hey handsome

Back on track....

you won't believe it but i'm actually vidding again!!! Yes finally after, I don't know, a year maybe of not being able to. YAY!!! The vid is not finished but I have 2/3 parts of it so that's very good news for me, he,he! And I've got another one started which I hope I'll finish.
The two are for the Asylum Music video competition, so I have to finish them soon to be able to send them on time.

I'm getting really exited to go to Asylum, got the fight tickets and the hotel booked, I even got my confirmation letter *happy dance*
hey handsome

Respect = Love

I found THIS POST, from friend in my flist.

I don't exactly know what's been going on in the fandom lately ('cause I've been a little out of everything not just the internet) or what exactly was the trigger to inspire this idea. But I like the idea or concept so i'm supporting it.
hey handsome

Back from Vacation... I saw jared and jensen filming!!!!

Ok, yesterday got back from my vacation. It's been a great week, different, but great!
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This is the pic she gave me signed, i'm so gonna frame it!
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So not only we have a wonderful cast, but the crew of the show is AWESOME too!!!! This show ROCKS!!!!

Here are the pics I took on the set (I was so far away that my zoom did all it could, lol!)Collapse )

And everly it was great meeting you in person, you're awesome and I hope you're having a great time this week in Vancouver with your friends.