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Ok so usually I don't post any episode reactions to any shows but supernatural... but what can I say... I feel like writing today...

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So FINALLY!!! new SUPERNATURAL episode tonight!!!! I think to celebrate it, i'm gonna wake very, very early and catch the episode when it airs in the US, and see it on line. I did it one time, for "Family Remains" I can do it again... I need new Winchester scenes, but i'm scared of what's gonna happen to them at the same time.

And one last thing... have you seen the Collapse )
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Premieres shows

It's so great that the shows are starting.

Prison Break: I still don't know what to think about this season. I'm enjoying the episodes but not as much as the other seasons. But the new guy is looking good! We'll see how it goes...

Bones: I loved the first episode. Hodggins and Angela are lovely. Zach coming back, thank god! but i'm not liking his haircut. But the best was how Booth was always trying to get Bones to be with him. I can't wait for them to get together.

CSI: NY: I missed them a lot. It's my fav CSI of all. All of them in action was great. And the scene in the lab with Danny & Lindsey, the instant condom. LOL! I loved their expressions. But I prefer her with a longer hair.

and finishing the post, i'll continue with my countdown

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BTW, a week! just a week! and the boys will be back in town!!!!!!
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Danny/Lindsay Music Video

I've done my first Danny/Lindsay music video. The song was already been used for a Danny/Lindsay video but I didn't realize it till I finished it. So here it is.

For You I Will
Download link: YouSendIt || Megaupload
Song/Artist: "For You I will" by Teddy Geiger
Duration: 3:52 min
Size: 8,58 MB
Format: wmw
Sumary/Notes: From both POV. The first part of the song is from Danny POV about how he's discovering his feelings for her. The second part switch to Lindsay's POV about the same thing. And the third part goes again to Danny POV.
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New Header

Thanks to Kite that told me about this movie, at my site, well for what she told me sounded a good movie, and yesterday I watched it and well.. felt in love with it. Such a great romance movie... so I've done a new header aswell as a WP.
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I've also done a new Danny/Lindsay WP, turned out more dark that I planned and i'm not completely happy with the lyrics either, but I just couldn't keep working on it or i'll end it hating it.
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