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Real life news...

Updates on the kittens...

I went to sleep last night at sometime after 1 a.m. and she only had two kittens, all black. But I could tell she wasn't finished 'cause she was still breathing with her mouth open and all that. A little after 3 a.m. I woke up 'cause a big storm had started so I got up to close the window, and when I took a look at her box, she had 4 kittens then. One like her and the other three all black, like the father. How I know? In my apartment building on the second floor lives a couple that have a black cat, and I had some suspicions that he was the one who got her pregnant.

In other news, thank good the month is almost finished, 'cause this one it's been awfull, financially speaking, i've been in red numbers in my two accounts almost all month. I got to pay the house insurance and my life insurance, that I didn't count on them and they had make me be very, very broke this month. Thank good next month I got the extra pay 900,00 euros more, yay!.

Last weekend we celebrate my big sister's birthday, 38, heehee, she's getting old, I love to tease her with that. I'm gettin old too, but shsshh don't tell anyone, lol!
We reunite all the brothers and sisters with the children and everything and it was fun. I played with the children with water guns, but they got broke. This weekend i'm buying new ones to get revenge 'cause the three children went after me at once.

That's all for now... I'll be back later with some pics of the kittens, and some from the birthday.