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hey handsome

Asylum 3 Poster

yes, yes, I know... another Asylum post, but what can I say, I had a great time :D

Anyway... as someone asked to see the poster and since I personaly like it very much, I wanna show it :D

Here's the poster:

And here is how it looks with all the autographs on. I still have to frame it.
Alec - YAY!

Oh man we are almost there!!!!


Lots of things to do...
- go to the hairdresser
- pack the bag
- learn how to use the camera
- colect the money i've changed to GBP
- remember my brother he has to takes us to the ariport in Girona
- Print IDs (from a Spanish Superatural Board)
- Leave enough food for Missy (my cat) and remember my mon to take a look on her through the weekend.
- decide what the hell I'm gonna wear...

can't think of anything else...

I'll be around this afternoon, but after that I won't be here till Tuesday, so those who go to Asylum hope to see you there, and those who don't, well have a great weekend, and i'll talk to you Tuesday, with photos to share I hope *hugs*