Music and arts

I want to share some songs I'm loving lately!


Divine Comedy, Die a Virgin; baroque pop, cheeky

Sufjan Stevens, The Lord God Bird (live); folk, reverent
Most beautiful trumpet in the intro ;^;

Sufjan Stevens, Dumb I Sound; folk, somber

La Roux, Tigerlily electropop, 80s
I love La Roux and her fierce hairdo!

Lady Gaga, Teeth Lady Gaga
Her songs usually irritate me BUT THIS SONG IS FUKKIN ADDICTING. her voice is so funny "YOUR TEETH ARE SEXY." also, thanks to /coq i will always associate a certain hot pairing with it...

Michael Zapruder's Rain of Frogs, The Alchemist;indie atmospheric

Bonnie Prince Billy, Cursed Sleep; country/folk, somber

Morrissey, That's How People Grow Up;alt,cool story bro

Deftones, Change(in the House of Flies); metal/rock

Jarvis Cocker, I Never Said I Was Deep; alt, cheeky

Carl Sagan/Cosmos Remixed, A Glorious Dawn ft. Stephen Hawking;Science in Music Form, oddly calming
A still more glorious dawn awaits
Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way

Sade, Soldier of Love; R&B, epic

Sade, Morning Bird; R&B

Corinne Bailey Rae, Like a Star; R&B, sweet

Basia Bulat
A Heart of My Own; country/folk
My new favorite album. I usually don't like anything even resembling country...but, this doesn't have that annoying country sound. plus the sound remind me of a certain pairing cough cough

Gold Rush; uplifting

Heart of My Own; somber

Go On; uplifting

Run; uplifting

I love this song so much I could cry ;w; run run run run run run run

Walk You Down; upbeat

Some People Have Real Problems; folk
Every song on this album is wonderful.

I Go To Sleep; BAWWW

You Have Been Loved; BAWWW

Soon We'll Be Found; uplifting

Kotringo, kodomo no sekai; indie, sweet

Kotringo, colormakerindie, cute

Maki Yano, mayonaka no kokudou; jpop, shiina ringo-ish

Maki Yano, yume wo miteita kingyo; jpop, cool story bro

Sakurai Atsushi, shingetsu; jrock, sexy

Korean, lol:
2PM, Tired of Waiting; Kpop, addicting crack

2PM, My Color; Kpop, song for a freakin phone commercial

4Minute, Muzik; Kpop, addicting crack

4Minute, Funny; Kpop, addicting crack

Girl's Generation, Oh!; Kpop, addicting crack
I am ashamed. And if you think the song is disturbing...don't watch the MV.

Girl's Generation, Star Star Star; Kpop, cavity-inducing ballad

U-Kiss, Man Man Ha Ni; Kpop, addicting crack

Oh my god, Korea. Your flamboyantly gay boy bands are getting out of hand!!
ShinEE's Ring Ding Dong video is worse, but...
jk, I'm just bitter I'm not as pretty as them lol.
Theory: every Kpop song must include the phrase "bad boy" or "bad girl."

Son Dam Bi, Saturday Night; Kpop, 80s
Dam Bi is hot.

f(x), Chu~; Kpop, addicting crack
AUGHHH GOD Amber's rapping part is so annoying. Also their clothes in the video...why.

Chung Lim, Step (ft. Benzi); Kpop

Bada, Yes I'm in Love (ft. Taecyeon); Kpop, addicting track, DANCE!

Wheesung, love...that cruel disease; Kpop, melodramatic ballad
Oh Wheesung, your voice makes me swoon

Natasha St Pier, Un Ange Frappe A Ma Porte ; pop, somber

Pauline Croze, T'es Beau; nouvelle scene francaise

Pauline Croze, Larmes; nouvelle scene francaise, somber

Jacky Cheung, Yang-Mou; Theme from Lust, Caution

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Ok ok so
I'm in love with Hanna is not a boy's name! right now
I love reading String Theory and Goodbye Chains, too, but I'm like...totally moe for Ellipses/Hanna aaaaaa

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Food, photos, scraps

I wanted to post before I leave for Asia tomorrow~

I'm obsessed with these two songs.
Ellie Goulding-Black+Gold
Ellie Goulding-Starry Eyed

Yesterday my sister, my mom, a family friend and I were lucky enough to get a private pastry-making demonstration from Johnny Iuzzini, head pastry-chef at the famous restaurant Jean-Georges. This guy is adorable. I think I'm in love; he's cute, nice, and damn is he good with his hands. @w@ (Good lord maybe I should lock this entry) He taught us how to make cheesecake (ok, fancy little flat french cheesecake squares), strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and Jean Georges' signature molten chocolate cake. Actually, my favorite thing was the sorbet. It was pretty simple--sugar, strawberries, red wine, lemon, and vanilla bean. The texture was so smooth, apparently because of the wine, and the flavor was amazing. I need to buy his cookbook. (I'm so stupid, why didn't I buy it before and have him sign it?) Also, I'm going to have to suck it up and start using vanilla beans. They make such a huge difference. (They're also hugely expensive.)

When everything was done, we got to arrange the desserts (ok, copy his arrangement) and eat them.

shitty cell phone pic. I should have taken a picture of his. We couldn't even scoop out the ice cream like he did. I wish I could take pastry-making lessons! And I wish I had an excuse for making ridiculously extravagant pastries...

We talked about depachika in Japan (lol) and he sent me some restaurant recommendations for Tokyo. But we can't afford most of them. owo;; He also told us about his upcoming series on the history channel. It's going to be about him and a group of other chefs trying to recreate historical cuisine, like ancient Roman banquets and stuff, using only the ingredients and tools they had back then. Sounds so cool right? Keep an eye out for it.

Oh, and we met THE Jean-Georges on our way out! He was like, the most polished little French chef man I've ever seen. ;w;

Bought a new jacket. It's my favorite thing in my closet now.

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