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On My Heart I'll Bear The Shame

No Prayer Can Ease The Pain

Your In time To See Me Wrestle With My Conscience
23 June

I am Kaitlyn Amanda, Call me Kait! I am 16, I live in Vero Beach, Florida! This place is hell! The only good thing is Nick! I am very self-concious and insecure! Thankfully I have Nick to pick me up when I am down! I am against many things... Such as immature people who don't know how to mind there business and move on! I hate when people think everyone is talking about them or that the world revolves around them! I hate being forced to do anything! I can say as of right now.. My best friend is Amanda.. Even tho we tend to be the bitches we are.. We will still fuck your day up! Dont mess with us! Were Double O Agents! Amandas Double O Thats Hott and I am Double O Fuck Yeah! Tee Hee.... I will most likely add you unless your a stupid cunt whore bitch ass hoe with nothing better to do then to try and ruin someone else life! Yeah thats all..

I made the move on Nick! *November 10, 2004* YaY.. Go Me! I Won that.. But he tends to win everything else!

LoVe Is LiKe PeeInG YoUr PaNtS.... EvErYoNe CaN See It BuT OnLy YoU CaN FeeL ThE WaRmTh <3 <3

Shes a complete wreck, a disaster
but whats keeping her together is
the sound of his voice && his oh so
tasteful kiss he leaves on her lips

♥♥Written By: xd0ntbreak_it ♥♥

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Pretty Kait! Me On My B-day 6/23/05... Sweet 16

Nick + Kait + A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness = Love

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This is my wonderful baby, That I love so much!
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Shadow pics are soooo RAD!
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