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icon by dandelion, art by ursula vernon


[[ rocks fall. everyone dies ]]

Entries by tag: winky

Drabblesquid: Kushiel's Legacy / CSI / Harry Potter x2
icon by dandelion, art by ursula vernon
Four drabbles written for thedrabblesquid

Title: Ends of the Earth
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Jacqueline Carey's, not mine.
Fandom/Characters: Kushiel's Legacy series. Phedre/Joscelin; Phedre/Hyacinthe.
Summary: The night winds call Phedre's name; will she answer?
Word Count: 322

Ends of the Earth; Phedre/Joscelin; Phedre/Hyacinthe; PGCollapse )

Title: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
Rating: PG-13 for language and boykissing
Disclaimer: Still definitely not mine. CBS, etc. etc.
Fandom/Characters: CSI (Las Vegas). Nick/Greg.
Summary: If Greg thought getting a woman's attention was tough...
Word Count: 319

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day; Nick/Greg; PG-13Collapse )

Title: Clothes Make the Man
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: JK Rowling's. I play nice.
Fandom/Characters: Harry Potter. Lucius/Severus implied.
Summary: Lucius prepares his protege to meet the Dark Lord.
Word Count: 251

Clothes Make the Man; Lucius/Severus; PGCollapse )

Title: Eating the Magic Mushrooms
Rating: C for Crack
Disclaimer: Oh god these definitely aren't mine.
Fandom/Characters: Harry Potter. Dobby and Winky.
Summary: Dobby and Winky prepare dinner for Master Potter. I can't believe I wrote this.
Word Count: 228

Eating the Magic MushroomsCollapse )