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Love and Fear and Apologies ; adult ; scotty/kevin

Title: Love and Fear and Apologies
Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Pairing: Scotty/Kevin
Rating: Adult for language and talk of sex
Summary: Scotty and Kevin try and try again to make their relationship work, but is it worth it?
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters isn't mine. The characters in this story are fictional adults. No infringement is intended. I'm just playing; you can have them back when I'm done.
Notes: The short snippets of dialog have been lovingly borrowed from episodes 1x7, 1x14, 2x8. Why rewrite perfection? Fic written for 2lineschallenge.

i've read these stories a thousand times
and now i'll rewrite them all

-a day to remember, you should have killed me when you had the chance

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