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Severus Snape: Death Eater, or Fluffy Bunny Lover? // PG-13

Title: Severus Snape: Death Eater, or Fluffy Bunny Lover?
Author: hikaru / _regarde
Archive: Please ask permission.
Feedback: If you so desire.
Disclaimer: They're all J. K. Rowling's, and I've got the feeling that she'd have my head for this.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Characters: Severus Snape and an unnamed male character.
Summary: The Quibbler has an interesting scoop on Snape.
Notes: Written for hp100. Also references my "When Pigs Fly" drabble.  For the Quibbler challenge.

Investigators have reported that Severus Snape, former Death Eater and Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is not as tough as he'd have students believe.

Snape allegedly owns a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers, which he wears whilst relaxing at night. Conversations were overheard between Snape and another man (see story on page 3B, "SNAPE TAKES GAY LOVER!") last week, where a seemingly intoxicated Snape repeatedly requested a pair of bunny slippers, before yelling "Yes, oh, Merlin, yes!" Our reporter left the scene immediately to request a photographer. (see story on page 4A, "INTIMATE PHOTOS OF A DEATH EATER:)

Tags: drabble, humour, pg-13, snape
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