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Ulterior Motives // NC-17 ; Severus/Sirius

Title: Ulterior Motives
Author: hikaru / _regarde
Archive: The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest website, and my personal site.  All otjers, please ask permission.
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Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Severus/Sirius
Disclaimer: The characters and such are JK Rowling's. The evilness is mine. No financial gain is made off of this. I probably lost money, darn me having to pay the electric bill.
Warnings: m/m relations, quite obviously. Characters are both 17.
Summary: Snape wants a one-night stand, so Snape gets a one-night stand.
Notes: Part of the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest, which has eaten my life. Response to easy pairing number 12, Snape/Black. This is my first foray into the world of HP slash, but that doesn't mean you need to be gentle with me. Thanks to Thalia, Frances, and Diana for thwapping me with the canon-trivia stick, and for generally giving lots of wondifferous tips and advice and the like. All mistakes, however, are mine and mine alone.

"Ah, noble little Gryffindor, out on his own tonight." A smooth voice echoed throughout the empty room, followed by the ominous clicking of boot-heels against the hard stone floor of the Hogwarts library.

"Sod off, Snape." The boy didn't even look up from his parchment scroll to acknowledge the owner of the voice.

"Now, now, Black. That's no way for a Gryffindor to speak." His lips curled into a smile as he sat down in the chair next to the boy, who was still staring intently at his parchment.

Sirius Black sighed and tossed his quill to the desk. "What do you want with me?"

"Oh, nothing." He laughed slightly. "Just enjoying the opportunity to see you without your cohorts. Where are your fellow Marauders tonight, eh? I know they've all stayed the holiday as well."

"I don't think that's any of your business." Sirius raised his eyes finally to meet Snape's gaze. "If you'll excuse me, I'd like to finish this Transfiguration essay some time before winter break is up."

"Don't let me bother you. I'm content to sit and wait." With that, Snape tilted his chair back and rested his feet atop the intricately carved wooden desk. "I've got all the hours in the world." Sirius frowned briefly and then leaned away from the sarcastically grinning Slytherin. Gryffindor or not, Sirius was determined not to let his curiosity get the better of him. He tried to convince himself that he didn't care why Severus Snape - quite possibly the only Hogwarts student he'd grown to despise over the past six years - had suddenly decided to take an interest in his activities.

Sirius sighed lowly and turned his attention back to the essay, tapping his quill impatiently against the desk as he read over what he'd written so far.

Snape cleared his throat. "May I be of assistance?" He didn't even look at Sirius, instead focusing his energies on examining his fingernails underneath the soft glow of faerie-light.

"No, Severus, you many not." A sarcastic politeness dripped from the boy's voice.

"Fine." Snape shrugged and went back to inspecting his hands.

The casual observation continued for a while. Snape occasionally glanced over at the dark haired boy poring through ancient texts; Sirius scowled when he felt Snape's eyes on him. Eventually, Snape shifted positions, planting his feet back firmly on the floor, resting his head on his arms instead to stare intently at the young Gryffindor.

Sirius sighed in frustration, shoving his parchment aside. "For Merlin's sake, Snape, either tell me why you're here or stop with the fucking staring," he growled, exasperated.

Severus Snape blinked a few times before slowly rising from his chair. A strange look flickered across his face as he stalked closer to Sirius. They were nose to nose practically, and Snape stared Black down, waiting for the other boy to blink.

Sirius blinked.

Snape laughed and backed away slightly. "You know, Black, for a Gryffindor, you've got a lot of hate wrapped up in that honest little body." Sirius could have sworn he saw Snape lick his lips.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked in a low voice.

"Whatever you'd like it to mean."

"That doesn't tell me much. I'd like for you to leave me alone, but..."

Snape cut him off. "But that's not happening any time soon. Why? I'll tell you why, if you'll only come with me. The password for the Slytherin dormitories is 'floundering herring;' meet me at midnight if you want to know."

Sirius's mouth gaped as he tried to find words to express his confusion. "Why? Why on your grounds, why in Slytherin?"

"Oh, my dear Sirius," he spat sarcastically. "Because your presence there makes this all the more significant to me." He raised his eyebrows and smirked at Black, who looked positively dumbfounded, before spinning neatly on his heel and marching from the room.

Sirius sank back down to his seat, kneading his forehead with his fingertips. "What in the world was that all about?" Severus Snape, that conniving bastard of a Slytherin, wanted Sirius Black for something. What that something was, Sirius just didn't know. The two had never gotten along during their years at Hogwarts. Now that they were halfway through their sixth year, the rivalry had grown even more intense. Snape, ever the loner, seemed almost envious of the strong friendships Sirius had formed with his fellow Marauders: James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin. The four Gryffindors spent all of their time together, working on assignments, causing trouble, and playing jokes. They'd even worked diligently on one of the most complicated spells known in the wizarding world -- the Animagus spell -- to keep Remus company during his time as a werewolf.

Solitary Snape, however, passed his time with no one at his side. Rarely did Snape venture out from the library or his own room to socialize with others. The Slytherin had an unnatural darkness about him, as if he were perpetually under a black rain cloud. (Maybe he's jealous of what we Marauders have. Maybe Snape just wants a friend, Sirius thought. Or maybe he's just out to get me. I did outscore him on the last Transfigurations exam. We're just seventeen, after all. Some sort of childish desire to want to tell me off in private, perhaps.) Now that the castle was nearly deserted for winter holidays, Sirius supposed that Snape had found the perfect opportunity to really sink his claws in, so to speak.

The boy sighed and packed up his belongings. Best not to be there if Snape decided to come back and stare some more -- that was the most unnerving thing to Sirius. He could take the cold voice, the impenetrable look in Snape's eyes, the near-ghostly face hiding beneath a cascade of hair. It was the staring, the slight smile every now and then, and that pink tongue jutting out to wet dry lips - almost suggestively - however, that disturbed Black. Honestly, he didn't even know what to make of the whole situation. Trying to understand Snape was like trying to understand a Divination assignment: futile.

Midnight approached much faster than Sirius would have liked it to. James and Remus were horrified that Sirius was even considering meeting the Slytherin on "his turf." Peter was positively terrified, despite Sirius's attempts to explain that he could more than hold his own against that "scrawny bastard." James reluctantly let his friend borrow his invisibility cloak for the night, on the condition that Sirius would return immediately and tell all that happened.

And then it was time. Giving himself five extra minutes, Sirius crept out of the Gryffindor common room at 11:55. "Just in case I get stuck on that trick staircase," he called back to James while throwing the cloak over his head.

Sirius dashed out of the commons, slinking down the long corridors of the school. After many twists and turns, he came upon the seemingly bare wall that concealed the entrance to the Slytherin dorms. "Floundering herring," he whispered, peering intently from beneath the magical fabric.

Slowly, a hidden door slid open, which Sirius scampered through, over to the steep stairs that descended to the dorm, still clutching the cloak over his body.

"You can drop that silly cloak now, Black," called a voice from somewhere inside the common room. "I assure you that the Slytherin tower is deserted. Just my potions and I for all of winter break."

Breathing a sigh of relief (or as relieved a sigh as he could muster, being alone with Snape and all), Sirius pulled the cloak from his body. Folding it over his arm, he blinked and tried to acquaint himself with the unfamiliar surroundings. He'd never been in the Slytherin dormitory, quite obviously, so Sirius was overwhelmed with the newness of the elaborate rooms. Rugs, throw pillows, and intricately embroidered tapestries covered the place, all decorated in the House colours of green and silver.

"Kindly put your jaw back in place," Snape - or rather Snape's voice - snidely said. "Goodness knows we don't need Gryffindor drool over the pillow shams."

Coughing, Sirius frowned and looked around the seemingly empty room. "Do you have any personality traits other than rotten bastard, Snape? I've snuck out of my quarters to see what you want, and you don't have the courtesy to actually show yourself?"

"You've got to look for me, Black. Honestly now, the commons aren't that big. I didn't think your little brain would be so perplexed by such a simple task."

Sirius could just imagine the sneer on Snape's face, and he could imagine himself helping the Slytherin wipe that cocky look away with a little fist to face action. For what seemed like an exceedingly long period of time, Sirius just stood there, envisioning a thousand and one ways to destroy Snape.

"For Merlin's sake, Black, don't just stand there gawking. It's not as if I can't see you. Do I need to give you a hint, boy?" Sirius said nothing, instead choosing to stand near the doorway and let his anger boil. He heard Snape sigh loudly, and Sirius could imagine the boy rolling his eyes dramatically. "Oh, fuck this hide and seek."

From a long couch obscured by Slytherin House banners, Snape rose. He seemed more elegantly dressed than usual, despite the fact that he was in Muggle clothes rather than the traditional wizard's robes he typically donned. He wore a crisp white shirt, held shut by only a few buttons at his abdomen, the collar and sleeves flapping open. Sirius stifled a gasp as Severus raised an inquisitive eyebrow at the Gryffindor. There was a mischievous glint in his eyes as he threw one leg, then the other over the high back of the couch. Snape spread his legs wide and rested his hands on his thighs, the black fabric stretched taut across the muscles.

"What's the occasion for the Muggle outfitting, Snape? Planning on sneaking off to London overnight after you murder me?" Sirius tried to cover up his confusion by feigning anger. "If you want to fight, duel, whatever - let's just get it over with, right?"

Snape laughed haughtily then jumped from the couch, his boots thumping onto the ground. "What, you think I gave you the password to Slytherin Tower just so I could kill you? Please, I've got better things to do with my time, Black. I could have murdered you in the library this afternoon. I could have dealt with you in Potions, or in Defense Against the Dark Arts, or any other bloody class we share. If I wanted to knock your lights out - and believe me, I've dreamt of that moment for years - I'd've done it ages ago." He stalked towards Sirius, and soon the two were nose to nose for the second time in merely hours. Sirius opened his mouth to protest but was cut off. "But Sirius, I've had my mind set on another moment since I first laid eyes on you when we were Sorted six years ago."

With that, he leaned in and kissed Sirius, whose eyes widened at the sensation. This was no chaste kiss; this was a kiss of a young man who knew precisely what he was going after. In his mind, Snape knew he wanted this, and had known for a long time. Every siren, every bell and whistle and flashing light went off in Sirius's brain. He knew that this wasn't going to end prettily, no matter how exquisite Severus looked with his hair falling in his eyes under the flickering fire light, with that shirt flapping open to show just a hint of his physique. Frightened, disturbed, and aroused all at the same time, he held his body rigid as Severus reached a hand out, wrapping his long fingers around the other boy's waist. And then, Sirius felt that nimble little tongue poking at the part of his lips, demanding entrance, demanding something more. Bewildered, Sirius knew he had no other choice than to give in to Severus's kiss.

Those hands drew Sirius closer to Severus until each boy could literally feel the heat radiating from the other's body. Snape drew away, breathing heavily. "Don't be so uptight, Black," he whispered, teeth nipping at Sirius's earlobe. "You can't tell me you don't want this." He exhaled, the hot air sending shivers through Sirius.

Sirius opened his mouth to speak. "I..." He closed his mouth again as Severus ran those fingers up and down his back. "I think..."

"Can't form a full sentence, boy? How wonderfully intellectual of you, Gryffindor." There was laughter in the words instead of the usual sarcasm. His mouth latched on to Sirius's neck then, teeth tearing at the tender flesh. Sirius twitched at the sensation, but leaned into Severus's touch instead of pulling away like his brain was telling him - no, screaming at him - to do.

The fingers moved from Sirius's back up to his shoulders, rubbing them, pulling slightly at the heavy robes he wore. "Getting a bit... warm in here, no, Black?" Severus questioned breathily, tongue jutting out to lick seductively down Sirius's neck. Severus tugged more insistently at the collar of Sirius's robes, forcing the garment open. "You can't possibly tell me you're comfortable in that getup."

Sirius blinked and shook his head violently, trying to force out the sensuous influence that was Severus Snape's voice. "S-seems to work pretty well for you," he choked, stumbling over his words.

Severus removed his fingers from Sirius's robes and pushed the boy backwards slightly, sighing dramatically. "Let's start over from the beginning, Black, since you don't appear to be on the same wavelength as me right now."

Sirius glared at the Slytherin and ignored the part of his brain that wanted to do anything to get Snape to stop talking and start kissing again. "What wavelength is there to be on? You're trying to seduce me, for some godforsaken reason."

"Am I not doing a satisfactory job of it, Black?"

"That's not really important."

"The fuck it isn't." Snape frowned indignantly. "You can't say that you didn't like that, didn't want that."

"You think I'd tell you if I did?" Sirius was stepping forward, towards Snape.

"I think I could tell you if you did," Snape sneered, "if only you'd step out of those bloody robes." He paused. "You think I'm such a bloody bastard, don't you? I can read what's in those eyes of yours when you glare at me; you wouldn't mind seeing me dead, no?"

"No, I would not. I couldn't care less if you died in an unfortunate Potions accident or if you were to be hit by a fucking bus. Not after the hell you've made this school for me these past six years." Sirius's voice was deep and filled with hatred.

"What could have I done to make you hate me? Answer me honestly." There was sincerity in Snape's voice, and Sirius was taken aback. "Really now." His voice got lower now, taking on that dangerous edge that Sirius had come to know and abhor. "I make it no secret that I despise Potter, the arrogant rule-bender that he is. I'd rather lick the floor than hold a conversation with Pettigrew; he's no better than a common rat. As for Lupin, well, his monthly lies are wearing thin, and I'd do anything to find out what he's sneaking off for all the time. I've tried to make them miserable, Sirius, and you just get ... miserable by association."

Black raised a questioning eyebrow. "I'm not sure I understand."

"You don't need to. You just need to know that I've sacrificed for you." Snape's tone was grave, serious.

Sirius grinned. "That's a great line, Severus. I'll have to use that on some poor wench that I'm trying to seduce sometime."

"You hurt me, Black." Snape frowned, trying his best to look sincerely wounded.

"Fuck!" Sirius threw his head back and laughed heartily. "Me? Hurt the impenetrable, cool, calm, collected Severus Snape? Nothing gets through that tough hide of yours, does it? Do you truthfully think I'm going to believe that line you just fed me? 'Miserable by association' -- such shit, Severus!" He advanced on the Slytherin, who cocked his head questioningly. "You want me to believe that the hatred you positively ooze when you even look at me is solely because I happen to be friends with James and the lot?"

"Yes," Snape said, more innocently than he'd ever said anything before in all of his seventeen years. "I'm quite sure now that you really don't understand what I've been trying to tell you." He'd be damned if he let Black gain control of this meeting. Severus closed the distance between the two, danger and mischief glinting in his eyes. "I've made your silly little friends miserable for five and a half years precisely so I could have this moment, right here, right now. You hate me, you and I and everyone else at Hogwarts knows that. You hate me so much that you're positively blinded by it.

"But that rage that you're harvesting - that energy could be put to use in so many more… productive ways." With that, Snape darted his hands out, pinning Black's arms to the wall. "Use that anger, use it for me. Use it with me -- on me, Sirius." Snape claimed his partner's mouth with those words, letting it be known with every inch of his body that he was in control, and that this would happen.

"Tell me what you want, Sirius. Tell me what you need." Snape's voice softened, the words muffled against Sirius's skin. "Let me show you what I can give you." Severus slowly released Sirius's arms, letting his hands come to rest, palms down, on the other boy's chest.

Sirius stared blankly, trying to focus his thoughts and his eyes and his energies on something that he could understand, comprehend. He focused on what he knew: he was in the Slytherin dorms; he was up against a wall; he was being seduced by Severus Snape. It was that last clause that positively befuddled him.

Sirius let his eyes wander, exploring his surroundings once he was sure of what he knew. The room was dark, deserted except for the two boys. Severus rested his head, eyes closed, on Sirius's shoulder, fingers running up and down the embroidered front of Sirius's robes. Occasionally Severus would shift closer to the other boy, pressing his body urgently against Sirius.

Now sure of what he knew and where he was, Sirius took advantage of Severus's silence to try to figure out exactly what he was feeling about the whole situation. He wasn't entirely convinced that he was comfortable with Severus's attempts to get him to respond physically, but he wasn't quite convinced that he didn't like it, either. He felt the heat rise in his cheeks just thinking of the fact that he did indeed have Severus Snape trying to get him to have sex. Sirius wasn't exactly inexperienced in sex with either gender; he'd had his fair share of after-hours liaisons in the dorms, in the towers, underneath the invisibility cloak out on the school grounds. But Severus posed a whole different dilemma.

"What do you want from me, Severus?" Sirius put sound to the question running in his head, bringing Snape out of his trance-like reverie.

Severus slowly raised his head to look at Sirius, then stepped back a few paces to lean up against a nearby end table. "What do you mean?"

"Besides the obvious." Sirius straightened his robes and paced over to a plush armchair by the fireplace. "That being that you're trying to seduce me, trying to get me in the sack with you. But why? What's your motive? You always have a motive, Snape, and I want to know what it is. What do you want from me?"

Severus pursed his lips in thought, a stray hand trailing down to fiddle with his belt buckle. "What do I want from you? Besides your body…?" His voice trailed off, considering the options he had. "I'm going to be brutally honest with you - your body is all I want, Sirius. I find you attractive, and I find you to be a challenge. I've had my way with most of Slytherin, because they all worship the ground I walk on." He chuckled at his admittance of prowess. "But you, you are an enigma. From day one I've watched you stalk the halls of this school, associating yourself with those other Gryffindor do-gooders, Potter and his ilk. But I see something in you that I want - I see a darkness, an unbridled power, and that is the side of you that I want, that I desire."

"Then I'm nothing more than a pretty boy for you to fuck? You want me because I'm not as quick to bow down to your conniving ways as your Slytherin associates?" Sirius shifted in his chair, somewhat angered at Snape's suggestion. "I would just be a plaything for you?"

"Sirius," he sighed, "I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that I find you wildly attractive, and that I would love to have a no-strings-attached roll in the hay with you. Yes, you. You have so much passion in you, so much rage, and I think that I could be a good thing for you, and likewise you for me." His hands still played with the belt buckle, fastening and unfastening it as he talked. Sirius couldn't help but let his eyes wander to stare at the other boy's crotch, and the unmistakable erection that was forming.

"So I'd be your fuck buddy? Whenever you have a bad day and want to take your aggression out on somebody, you'll lure me down here for a romp rather than cursing Pettigrew for his utter uselessness?"

"Something like that." Snape shrugged. "I swear that I'm being entirely honest with you, Black. I want you because you are pure magic, pure sex, pure lust to me. You are all that I want in a lover that I cannot get from any of these other pathetic Slytherins." He stood and walked over to stand before Sirius, who fidgeted uncomfortably in his chair. "I just want you." His voice lowered as he advanced on the other boy, stopping only when he was straddling Sirius. "Just. You." Sirius closed his eyes and shifted underneath Severus, exhaling loudly. Taking the other boy's release of breath as a sign that it was okay to press on, Severus took Sirius's robes in his hands and slowly opened the front, sliding them off of the other boy's shoulders. He leaned in next to Sirius's ear, whispering lowly, "All I want is to feel you underneath me. Moving, breathing, panting, pushing, moaning." He punctuated his words with light thrusts of his crotch towards Sirius.

Sirius opened his eyes briefly to see Severus's midsection gyrating perilously near his face. He gasped sharply and closed his eyes again. Sirius didn't have very many choices left. He could shove the other boy off of him and run off into the night, but that would most likely be humiliating in the long run. Sirius's only other option was to just give in to Severus -- and with the way Severus was nibbling on Sirius's earlobe at that moment, it seemed to be the most plausible option.

Tentatively, Sirius raised his arms, flexed his fingers, and then firmly placed his hands on Severus's hips, pulling him down to sit. They were nose to nose, Severus's eyes wide with surprise that his prey had taken this rather bold step. Sirius's eyes flashed darkly as he spoke. "If we do this, we do this on my terms, not yours, Severus. No one -- no one -- hears about this; it doesn't go beyond the two of us. I swear to Merlin that you'll not live to see the next fucking Potions class if I hear so much as a snicker out of one of your bastard friends, see one of those cretins pointing and smirking at me. So help me, I'll kill you." His tone was serious, his lips drawn into a severe frown.

Severus blinked and nodded rapidly. "Your terms," he whispered, "I swear," then tilted his head and captured Sirius's mouth hungrily. Finally, Sirius moved against him, gasping slightly into the kiss. Breaking away for a moment, Severus buried his face in the crook of Sirius's neck. "I think we do need to get you out of those clothes."

"Likewise." Sirius ran his tongue over his lips and shifted as Severus pulled away. He lost himself in his thoughts for a moment, letting his imagination run wild, until --

"If you want out of the clothes, you've got to get off of your arse," Snape snarled angrily, grabbing hold of Sirius's now-rumpled robes and hauling him out of the chair. Sirius opened his mouth to protest but was silenced immediately by a pointed glare from the other boy. Snape roughly yanked the robes open the rest of the way and tugged them down, allowing Sirius little time to help wriggle out of them. They dropped to the floor, making a great swooshing noise on their way down. Hands grasping onto Sirius's shirt now, Snape pulled at the seams, popping a few buttons in his quest to get it off. He let out a puff of air as the garment slid off of Sirius's shoulders, exposing his finely muscled chest and abdomen. He reached out a shaky hand to trail up and down the skin, pausing to stroke each nipple to hardness in turn. The hand traveled back down, pausing at Sirius's trousers, which were now quite obviously straining against the boy's erection. Snape toyed with the button, then deftly shoved his hand inside the pants, causing Sirius to gasp at the sudden contact.

"Sev--" he choked, jumping slightly.

"Shh." Severus smiled approvingly, then used his free hand to finish undoing the fly and slide them over Sirius's hips, letting the garment fall to the floor.

And so there they stood, Sirius Black clad only in boxers, shirt dangling from his wrists and trousers around his ankles, with Severus Snape's cold hand wrapped possessively around his cock. What an image they must have made.

Eventually that firm grip turned into a series of soft strokes. For the longest time, the only sound in the vast room was the crackling of the fire and Sirius's small gasps at each and every touch. Severus's breathing was slow and even, his eyes were closed, face a perfect example of both seriousness and serenity. "Yes..." Severus hissed, feeling Sirius start to thrust into his hand. Severus's hand eventually trailed away from Sirius's now-erect penis to pull the last remaining item of clothing over Sirius's hips, letting it fall to the ground as well. Severus ran his hands over Sirius's ass, then grasped firmly pull him in closer. "Yes, my pretty," he breathed, the words still leaving his lips as he leaned in and kissed Sirius once again, hungrily plundering the other boy, who moaned ever-so-slightly into the kiss.

Without breaking the kiss, Sirius stepped out of his trousers, kicking them behind him, then violently shook his wrists, forcing the rumpled white shirt to fall to the floor. He brought his arms forward now, hands seeking the few remaining buttons on Severus's shirt. "You're beautiful in those clothes," he whispered when Severus drew his lips away, "but I need you out of them." Nodding in agreement, Severus let the other boy strip him, the clothes finally cast aside.

And they stood there, completely naked and vulnerable.

And they liked it.

"Sit," Severus commanded once he regained control of the thoughts raging through his hormone-addled brain.

Sirius did nothing, only stared at Severus, whose face darkened in anger. "Sit, I said." He pointed sharply at a spot on the floor in front of the fireplace.

"Yes, Master," he spat sarcastically as he scooted backwards to plop on the ground. He sat cross-legged, propping his elbows up on his knees.

Severus scowled at the comment, then continued. "I want you to watch me." He shrugged at the statement, as if it were the most normal idea he'd ever had.

Sirius let out a snort.

Undaunted, Severus pressed on. "I want you to think about what this cock is going to feel like when I'm fucking you." His hand wrapped around his erect penis and began to pump and stroke.

Sirius opened his mouth to speak again, but quickly decided -- based on Severus's angry glare -- that it was in his best interests to remain silent.

"I want you to -- unngh -- watch and -- aah -- imagine and -- dah -- " His voice trailed off as he arched his back, pushing further into his own touch.

Sirius watched Severus minister to himself, obviously lost in his own fantasy. Severus's free hand reached up to tweak at his nipples, then run through his hair, pushing the loose strands away from his face in what Sirius thought to be a purely exquisite move. Severus quickly brought himself to completion, a loud gasp accompanying the come that leaked out around his fingers. The seated boy smiled finally. "You're such a fucking tease, Severus," Sirius laughed.

Severus waited until his breathing steadied to speak. "You think I'm a tease?" He cocked an eyebrow at the inquiry, and his hand slowed to a stop. "Fine then, you show me what you can do, if you just can't stand sitting there watching anymore." He stood, hands firmly planted on his hips, waiting for Sirius to make the next move.

"I'll show you what I can do," he smirked as he slowly moved forward on his hands and knees until he was seated at Severus's feet. "I'll show you indeed." And with that, his mouth descended onto Severus's cock.

Severus let out a strangled gasp, his mouth opening into a perfect O of lust and desire. He raised one hand to his mouth, teeth clamping down reflexively on his index finger to stifle the stream of incoherent babble that was pouring from his mouth. Unfazed by the stuttering boy before him, Sirius pressed on, slowly swirling his tongue over the head of the erect penis that nudged at his lips.

Severus bucked at the sensation, reaching his hand down to rest on Sirius's shoulders for balance. The warm heat of Sirius's mouth enveloped him, drove him mad with desire. Back and forth, over and around. Sirius's nimble tongue licked and stroked; the low purr that came from his mouth vibrating Severus to the core. Eventually, the steadying hand on Sirius's shoulder slid up to be a firm hand entangled in his hair. Severus began to thrust into Sirius's mouth, demanding more, demanding that it be faster and harder and --

The mouth drew away.

Severus's face convulsed in anger and confusion. "For fuck's sake, Black, finish what you start!" he sputtered incredulously.

"I want you to finish what I started," Sirius stated coldly, shifting positions so that he was now on hands and knees. "I want you to finish it in me." He looked back over his shoulder to search Severus's face for an answer.

Severus raised an eyebrow, mulling over the opportunity presented before him. "I suppose perhaps that I could let that little moment of ... insolence ... pass," he murmured, lips curling into a devilish grin. He advanced upon Sirius, that same queer grin plastered on his face. Slowly, tantalizingly, he ran his hands over Sirius's ass, feeling the soft flesh underneath his fingers. Sirius exhaled, feeling the tingling sensation of Severus's cold hands on his skin. The hands squeezed and prodded and then spread Sirius's buttocks.

A finger nudged at his opening.

Snape leaned forward, tightly grasping his partner's cock. "You said I was a tease," Snape whispered. "Now let's see how much teasing you can take."

The finger went in. And out. And back in. And then more fingers, in and out, twisting until they reached that sweet spot, which consistently made Sirius see stars, his mouth agape, wordless sounds and growls escaping his lips. For a moment, Severus stopped, letting his fingers push on Sirius's prostate, enjoying the feeling of the boy writhing beneath him in search of more contact, more intensity.

And then Sirius could plainly take no more.

"Oh, for Merlin's sake, Snape, just do it!" Sirius roared, bucking his hips back towards the other boy, who grunted in agreement and withdrew his fingers. Sirius moaned at the lack of presence, needing to be filled by something, someone. And his wishes were met as Severus plunged his cock inside of Sirius. Both boys exhaled lustily at the sensation. Severus paused, waiting for a sign from Sirius that it was okay to continue. The other boy whimpered and pushed backwards, trying to force Severus to move.

"Impatient git," he murmured before slowly starting to thrust his cock into Sirius.

"Oh, that's it," Sirius murmured, "oh, yes." He dropped down to rest on his elbows, burying his head in his forearms. Muffled words made their way out, words begging Severus to push harder, bury himself deeper, go faster. His cock bobbed up and down with each thrust as the two found a rhythm and kept it. Severus tightened his grip on the other boy's hips, driving his cock into Sirius with a strength that seemed nearly animalistic, needy. Sadistic. Cruel.

Their pace was frenetic now, a low, keening moan coming from deep within Sirius's throat. Severus's eyes were wild as he thrust, his breathing erratic. Releasing one hand from Sirius's waist, he slunk it around to stroke at Sirius's cock, hard and leaking. Sirius groaned loudly, trying to push himself further into Severus's touch. "Come for me, Sirius, come with me," Severus said, his voice rough.

Sirius needed no more urging; he felt his balls tighten as release finally came, his come spurting out over Severus's fingers. Only a few thrusts more and Severus was finished as well, his seed spilling deep within Sirius. Physically spent, Severus slowly withdrew from Sirius and then leaned forward to rest his arms on the boy's back. Soft kisses fluttered up his spine until Sirius's knees finally turned to jelly and he dropped to the floor. Severus dropped with him, waiting for his breathing to slow back down to normal.

Sirius eventually dozed off, Severus's name on his lips. The other boy drew himself up to a sitting position and merely watched as Sirius Black, naked and well-fucked, slept on the floor of the Slytherin common room.

Quite a sight.

After a while, Sirius rolled over and rubbed at his face, trying to shake the sleep off. He blinked a few times, letting his eyes focus on his surroundings. And then he realised that he was cold. And naked. And quite obviously not in Gryffindor where he belonged.

Then it hit him. Snape. Slytherin. Sex.


"I trust that your nap was sufficient, Black?" Snape sat in the plush leather chair before him, clad only in those tantalizingly tight Muggle pants.

"Sufficient enough, yes." He pushed himself off the floor to sit cross-legged and gazed at Snape. Snape stared back, a look on his face that somehow managed to speak of both disinterest and amusement.

Neither boy seemed to want to break the tense silence that filled the room. And then Sirius spoke: "Will this happen again?"

His inquiry was met with a sharp scowl from Snape. "Why would you ever ask that?"

"Well..." He paused, mulling over his words. "Because I'm quite sure that I liked it."

Snape laughed. "I could care less that you liked it." He shifted in the chair, laying his ankle atop his knee and slouching backwards. "What did I tell you when you came down here?" Sirius simply stared, dumbfounded. "Well, what did I say?" Snape asked again, impatient.

"That we would do this on my terms."

"Before that, you fool." The words hit Sirius like a blow to the stomach.

"I don't think I have to take that from you." He frowned.

"I'm quite sure that you do. Now, what did I tell you?" Snape paused, waiting to see what Sirius would do next. He sighed when he was met only with silence. "Your terms were only that I not breathe word of this to another soul. But I, however, made it explicitly clear that I simply wanted your body. You seemed to understand my conditions when we began this ... experiment; I'm not really comprehending why you don't remember them now."

"Things can change, Severus, I thought -- I hoped -- that you could see that." Sirius's tone was pleading, hopeful; Snape merely scowled. "I thought that perhaps you could even come to like me. I thought that you would--" Sirius fumbled for words. "I thought that you would want more, after all of this, after what we shared. I've fucked around, before, Severus, but what we experienced? It was different than normal; you can't tell me that you didn't feel it. Every last touch of yours was magic to me." He cast his eyes to the floor, hating to see the fury etched across Snape's face. As an afterthought, he meekly added: "I thought you could even love me, Severus."

The words had barely left his lips before a swift hand belted him across the face. Caught by surprise, he toppled to the floor. "Don't ever speak to me of love, Black!" Snape was enraged. His mouth was set in a severe frown, hair spilling down into his face, rising and falling with his short breaths. "Never. Ever." He towered over Sirius, fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. Sirius's mouth moved, yet no words would come out. He raised a hand to his cheek, still feeling the sting. "Things will never change between us. I've used you as I wished, and now I'm done with you." The words flowed from his mouth, each one an insult to injury for Sirius. "You are just a plaything to me, a toy. You, Sirius Black, are nothing. You are a pathetic, mewling lump that is simply taking up space and staining the damned carpets of this otherwise unsoiled room." He kicked lightly at Sirius. "Nothing. You're nothing." He punctuated each word with another kick, causing Sirius to flinch. "Now gather your belongings and get out of my sight."

Dejected, Sirius remained crumpled on the floor. "Just five minutes, Severus," he whispered, tucking his knees to his chest.

Snape rolled his eyes indignantly as he fastened his belt buckle. "Fine. Five minutes, Black, and then you go back to your precious little Gryffindors." He didn't wait for a response from Sirius before picking up his shirt and stalking from the room.

"Sev--" Sirius called out, raising his head. The other boy stopped cold and turned around, fire in his eyes.

"What else could you possibly want from me?" He spat the words out, as if it disgusted him to even be associated with Sirius Black.

"I just--" His eyes met Severus's, then drifted back down to the floor. "Nothing." He drew himself up to a sitting position and reached out for his trousers, which were just out of his grasp. "Nothing, I'll be gone in a few."

"Good." Snape's voice was cold -- typical -- and emotionless. Yet he stood and watched still instead of trudging back to his quarters.

Sirius sighed dismally, finally making contact with his trousers, which he folded in his lap. "Just a plaything, a toy, Sirius. You are nothing," he whispered to himself as he idly rubbed the fabric between his fingers. "Nothing." He sighed once more and stood to pull the pants on. Sirius sulked about the room, picking up the rest of his belongings -- the shirt, the robes, the cloak -- but said nothing more to Snape, nor acknowledged his presence.

Severus opened his mouth to speak consoling words, seeing the melancholy look on Sirius's face, but his Slytherin personality got the better of him. "Put the shirt back onto your sorry self, pull that damned cloak over your head, and leave." Sirius jumped at the harsh words then slowly slid his shirt on. He looked back at Snape just once, a look of confusion and disappointment wrought on his young face, then draped the cloak over his head and disappeared.

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