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Martyrdom // PG ; Severus/Harry

Title: Martyrdom
Author: hikaru / _regarde
Archive: Please ask permission.
Feedback: If you so desire.
Disclaimer: They're all J. K. Rowling's, and I've got the feeling that she'd have my head for this.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Characters: Severus/Harry
Summary: A eulogy for a hero.
Warning: Character death.
Notes: Written for hp100.

"I'll miss you more than you could ever imagine. You've been a complete and total prat for the seven years that I've been cursed with your presence, but I fear that somewhere along the line -- perhaps when you ceased to be The Boy Who Lived and instead became The Boy Who Died for the Cause -- I fell in love with you."

Snape dropped his head, refusing to let a single tear fall. The sheet of parchment in his hands trembled, and he choked back a sob.

"Today should be a celebration. You should be graduating, and instead, you're dead."
Tags: drabble, pg, post-war, snape/harry

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