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How Dead is Dead? // PG

Title: How Dead is Dead
Author: hikaru / _regarde
Archive: Please ask permission.
Feedback: If you so desire.
Rating: PG
Characters: Sirius Black, Cedric Diggory
Disclaimer: They're all J. K. Rowling's, and I've got the feeling that she'd have my head for this.
Summary: Sirius has a few questions about the permanence of his death.
Notes: Written for hp100.

The teenager, clothed in Quidditch robes, looked down at the newest arrival to the Other World, who was currently staring at his hands in apparent confusion. "You're dead, Sirius." It was a matter-of-fact statement, not a question.

"How dead? Definitely dead, or didn't-see-a-body dead?"

"Didn't-see-a-body dead. You tumbled through the Veil of Utter Doom."

"Veil of Utter Doom?"

"That's what we call it here. Most of us come to the other world via actual deaths rather than stumbling through some Ministry-protected Death Curtain." The boy -- Cedric -- snorted.

Sirius frowned. "Is it more like never-coming-back dead, or haunts-you-in-your-sleep dead?"

"Never-coming-back dead."

"Well." He coughed. "That sucks."
Tags: cedric, drabble, humour, pg, sirius, trio-era
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