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the heart is a risky fuel to burn :: a holmes_big_bang fanmix

For sorrelchestnut's fic, Marriage a Trois.
By hikaru.

The Heart is a Risky Fuel to Burn
(Zip file, 15 songs, 83 mb)

00. andred bird - unfolding fans 

01. st. vincent - marry me 
     marry me, john
     marry me, john, I'll be so good to you

02. the xx - islands 
     i don't have to leave anymore 
     what i have is right here 
     spend my nights and days before 
     searching the world for what's right here

03. joan as police woman - anyone 
      so hold me now, you who came in pieces
      'cause i like whole pies underdone a little 
      but i feel how you burn inside. 

04. jason mraz - if it kills me  
     this double life i lead isn't healthy for me 
     in fact it makes me nervous 
     if i get caught i could be risking it all

05. augie march - asleep in perfection 
     maybe i don't think right, 
     or maybe i lack that insight 
     and only the numb or the peaceful might 
     sleep in perfection

06. acceptance - so contagious 
     oh no, this couldn't be more unexpected 
     and i can tell that i've been moving in so slow

07. aqualung - something to believe in 
     we stumble into our lives
     without a hand to hold
     any wonder we need to find
     a certain something certain

08. the swell season - when your mind's made up 
     so, if you want something 
     and you call, call, then i'll come running 
     to fight, and I'll be at your door 
     when there's something worth running for

09. kaki king - 2 o'clock 
     there's no need to be so terrible 
     when you know i would do anything for you

10. regina spektor - fidelity 
     i never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground 
     and by protecting my heart truly, i got lost in the sounds

11. dayna kurtz - love gets in the way 
     and so what if everything's changed
     and so what if i've held out for more
     i'm all wild in places i wasn't before
     i'm wild in places where i wasn't before

12. eels - i want to protect you 
     i say some stupid shit, don't mean a word of it
     you know i got a lot of love inside me. 
     this world's an ugly place for such a pretty face 
     they're comin' at you from all sides, but they gotta get through me

13. songs:ohia - being in love 
     being in love means you are completely broken, then put back together 
     the one piece that was yours is beating in your lovers breast 
     she says the same thing about hers

14. gentleman reg - untouchable 
     all that i thought about for the longest time
     all that i thought about for the longest time
     but he's untouchable, untouchable, untouchable for me

15. over the rhine - rhapsodie 
     and i couldn't love you any more than i do right now 
     and the furies that i feared were eumenides to lead me here, here i linger

Photo by UGArdner, manipulated and used under Creative Commons licensing.

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