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The Creed Of Chaotic Divinity

Conquering The Throne....

5 May
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...and oceans, aborted, amon amarth, anathema, arch enemy, art, at the gates, bathory, bc rich guitars, behemoth, black metal, black sabbath, blades, blind guardian, blood bath, bloodgasm, brutal truth, carcass, century media records, children of bodom, chuck schuldiner, circle of dead children, classical music, cryptopsy, cultus sanguine, dark tranquillity, death, death angel, death metal, deeds of flesh, deicide, diabolic, doom metal, dream theater, dying fetus, earache records, emperor, enslaved, enthroned, entombed, fleshgrind, fuck i'm dead, girls, god dethroned, guitars, guns, hammerfall, hate, heavy metal, horror movies, iced earth, immolation, immortal, in flames, jackson guitars, jag panzer, judas priest, king diamond, knives, kreator, limbonic art, lord gore, machetazo, marduk, marshall amps, mayhem, meat, megadeth, melodic death metal, metal, metal blade records, metalcore, monstrosity, moonspell, morbid angel, my dying bride, napalm death, national socialist black metal, nightwish, nihilism, nihlism, nile, nocturne, norway, norwegian black metal, nsbm, nuclear blast records, old man's child, old metallica, opeth, peavy amps, piercings, pig destroyer, poetry, power metal, progressive metal, sex, sketching, skinless, slayer, soilwork, sonata arctica, speed metal, spinefarm records, strapping young lad, stratovarius, sweden, tattoos, testament, the amott brothers, the black dahlia murder, thrash metal, true black metal, usurper, vehemence, venom, violence, vital remains, vomitorial corpulence, yngwie malmsteen