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One last comm...


It's been a week with no response from her Mods. I need to set someone up over there to make sure Trolls and flamewars are contained. It doesn't seem to be real active, but it is fertile ground for trouble.
K: Beaded, K: Eeep, K: *huff*, Red Panda, K: Desperada

Here at the end of all things

I have gone through the Lady's comms, checked them for activity and cross-checked against my memory for things that were important to her. Some, thankfully, had comods so nothing is needed there.

For the most part, all that is needed is to remove trolls and spammers and kill flamewars - just checking it once or twice a day. The exceptions are "mespt_quotes" and "mathoms" which require real work. Mathoms is sort of quiet, but I think it is an idea that personifies what Kielle was and that it needs to continue. It's a lot like herding cats, though, so be warned.

What I ask is that offers to take these comms come from a place of deep commitment. I know right now everyone wants to do something to help, but this is not about right now. This is about a year from now. This is about having to find the time to manage the comm long term. Obviously, things happen and you might need in future to hand the reins over to someone else. But that also takes commitment; knowing when it is time to go and making sure a suitable replacement is found. Basically, I just want the peace of mind that these comms will be loved like she loved them.

intershards CJ?
mespt_quotes (waivering on closing this one)
metaquotes Trollprincess has been doing a wonderful job fostering the comm.. If you want it, love, it's yours. I know K had a lot of faith in you. However, if you are too busy, that's okay too.
oh_brothers Rohandove, you okay to run this on your own?

These comms, happily, have mods.


The following have zero activity.

moodmakers has comods, I just need to get their pulse. White City is a whole other kettle of fish.

The remainder of her comms are more or less inactive. If you are a member of one of her comms not mentioned here and you feel it really needs a mod, feel free to comment. I think it is okay for them to just remain as they are, frozen in time.