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you better get back honky cat

living in the city ain't where it's at

darkwiiiiing duck
24 August
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What ho? A foe? I am Alex.

I make my journal layouts, and most of my icons unless specified. DON'T TAKE WITHOUT CREDIT OR I WILL BEAT YOU... AT CHESS.

80's music, 90s cartoons, ac/dc, accents, adrien brody, angus young, aqua teen hunger force, aragorn, bags, band geeks, bands, bangles, bass clarinet, baz luhrmann, belts, big fish, billy boyd, billy joel, blogging, books, boys, brak, brian adams, bright colours, bruce springsteen, bto, canada, cartoons, cheap trick, cheesy stuff, conan o'brian, concerts, converse, crest whitestrips disposable cameras, dane cook, david bowie, def leppard, directing, director's cuts, directors, diy, diy clothes, dominic monaghan, doritos, dorks, dvd special features, dvds, earrings, ed edd and eddie, elephants, elo, elton john, eric clapton, ewan mcgregor, family guy, fedex pope, film, freddy mercury, garth nix, geeks, glam rock, guitars, guns n' roses, halloween, harry potter, homestar runner, homestarrunner.com, homsar, jay leno, jet, jimi hendrix, john lennon, john mayer, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, justin hawkins, kalan porter, kilts, late night television, led zeppelin, liv tyler, live journal, lord of the rings, lurking, lynyrd skynyrd, men, moulin rouge, movies, msn messenger, music, music class, musicals, nerds, nicole kidman, nova scotia, oasis, paint shop pro, paris, peter jackson, peter yorn, piercings, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poison, purses, queen, quotations, quoting, rawk, reading, rings, rock, rocketman, rupert grint, scotsmen, sequins, sex pistols, shoe shopping, shoelaces, shoes, singing, skid row, sneakers, south park, space ghost, stalking, strong bad, supertramp, tattoos, the beatles, the brak show, the darkness, the edge, the hives, the pianist, the ramones, the rolling stones, the shins, the strokes, the thrills, the two towers, the vines, theatre, thrifty stuff, tig, tolkien, u2, webdesign, websites