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you better get back honky cat [entries|friends|calendar]
darkwiiiiing duck

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Goneee [02 Sep 2004|07:57pm]
Hi everyone.
I'm really sorry but I am not going to be using this journal anymore. I kind of see starting senior year as a new start, and I really want to leave everything from this journal behind.

My new journal is popmart and I have added back the people who I felt are good friends. If you weren't added and still want to be, comment there.

Please remove this journal from your friends list.

Sorry again, I know how annoying this is. But in all fairness, this is only my second change in a year and a half.
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Friends Only, Kay [10 Jan 2004|10:42pm]

PleasepleasepleasePLEASE add me first. Kay thanks.
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