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i took a shot and didn't even come close

at trust and love and hope

16 June 1987
There is nothing I could write here that you wouldn't know if you read my journal. I most likely won't add random people, but if you feel you have a reason to be on my friends list, comment the FO post.

Show Schedule (2009)
03-07-2009 Valencia, Houston Calls, Fight Fair, alterEGO @ Satyricon*
03-20-2009 The Academy Is... (acoustic), This Providence, Evan Taubenfeld @ Hawthorne Theatre
03-27-2009 Thursday, Four Year Strong, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Cancer Bats, Valentine @ Roseland Theater*
03-28-2009 Craig Owens, The Color Fred, Tumbledown, Ace Enders, VersaEmerge @ Hawthorne Theatre

Coming Up:
03-31-2009 New Found Glory, Bayside, Set Your Goals, Shai Halud @ Hawthorne Theatre
04-03-2009 3OH!3, the Maine, Family Force 5, Hit The Lights, A Rocket To The Moon @ Wonder Ballroom (MAYBE)
04-09-2009 Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, Hey Monday @ Portland Expo Center
05-17-2009 Manchester Orchestra @ Hawthorne Theatre
05-20-2009 Mae, Person L, Barcelona, Tokyo @ Hawthorne Theatre
05-31-2009 Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Envy on the Coast @ Roseland Theater
06-04-2009 Forgive Durden, You Me and Everyone We Know, Anarbor @ Satyricon
06-27-2009 Jonas Brothers @ Rose Garden



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