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Sep. 28th, 2006 | 01:09 am

Goddess! Long time no see, ne? XD I've nothing else to say, so I'm wondering if I have to close this blog or just leave it without updates. But I don't care. I'll write again if I've further things to say.

From now on, this is on hiatus.

Bai bai~

Yes, I'm alive. So what? :P

May. 16th, 2006 | 12:43 am
mood: sick sick
music: Uh-la-la-la - Alexia XD (tv commercial)

I know you don't care a little bit if I write or not because I'm sure no one of you is reading my LJ XD but thinking I have it, it's worth sometimes to write here, too, no? In these months I've been working in 3 different places. I hope this job will be ok, even if it will last in october, but who knows they won't keep me furthermore? ^__^ I intend to make a credit card so that I can buy some stuffs I'm interested in, like FAKE?'s and Ryuichi's new albums.. Songs from Beelzebub and Evergreen limited edition *o* Ryuichi will sing I for you O__O XD well, this is a song sung by him previously in LUNA SEA, but I'm wondering how he did change it into his own style, even if his last album, VANILLA, was a good one so I hope I can get the limited edition with 32pp of photobook ^_^ and some other albums like the one of THE FLARE, frame of HEAVEN and the poster of Tourbillon and Eclipse I+II, even if I own a ripped copy, but I desperately want the original one so that I can see it on dvd player :P
Something else? I want to go living with my lover. I wish to make a family with him even if this relationship just started.
Now I'll go to bed, but before I'll read "King Salomon's ring", that a friend wanted desperately me to read XD I've read just the half of the book.. I thought it was more interesting but is not that bad and there are some stories I like. And this is one of the first books my lover read in his youth, so.. and probably I'll give it to him if he wants to read it again =)
Saying this.. see you on the next update.. maybe in some months XD
Bai bai!

(no subject)

Jan. 18th, 2006 | 04:46 pm
mood: creative creative

I feel kind of bored. But recently I could do things I couldn't manage to do some years ago. I just hope to keep what I want to do and that it'd last forever >_

Here we go!

Nov. 22nd, 2005 | 10:07 pm
mood: saaamui >_ saaamui >_

Yup. I'm alive. And I think I'm falling in love -_-
And this is not good. He's a boy I met 2 years and half ago. I've always had a strange feeling for him, I guess. But at that time I had already a boyfriend I really liked, and me and him were just good friends. After some time we quarreled for a stupid reason so we stopped talking. But last month he suddenly called me and asked to talk again. Everything is back as before, if not better. I'm really fine with him, coz we can talk about everything and even if we have different opinions, we don't say "fuck you, you can't understand anything", but we share our thoughts and try to find common points without arguing. It's good because this means we're adult. Yeah. *_*
In these days we're talking so much and we're having opposite days. I mean.. we go to sleep when sun is high in the sky and wake up when it's already dark XD that's nice XD well not so much.
Tomorrow morning I have to wake up early because I have a new job interview. I already went in that place 2 years and half ago, if I'm not wrong. And they did even call me to work, but at that time I've received another better offer so I accepted the other one. If anyone else will call me for this period, I think I'll accept their offer. After all it's better than nothing.
Some months ago, a fortune teller told me I'd have found a job I really like and that's totally different from the one I was having at that time. Well, I had a new job after it, but it lasted in 3 weeks -_-. It wasn't so bad, not my dreamjob, but I gained enough :P and if I'll get this new one, it's not so different from the previous one. But it's ok, at least it's money, so when I'll have enough, the next year I'll be able to go where I want to go. And I hope I can set up with the one I like now. It's not love, I just think he's good for me, even if he's 1 year younger than me -_- but this doesn't matter ^^"
But if I can find someone else.. uhm.. it's still early, because the next lover will be the last, so I want to be totally sure of what I'm going to do.
Woah I'm writing too much and I said nothing special XD


Nov. 6th, 2005 | 10:54 pm
mood: and happy and happy
music: Tourbillon - Heaven

Well. My car is finally "ok". I just have to change some things and I hope I won't have to buy a new one soon. Coz I'm trying to save money to go in Japan. But how can I save money if the next shop will cost me 150US$?
I keep on buying CDs and DVDs. Today I met a friend. It has been long time we didn't meet. So, even if weather wasn't so good, it was the only chance to meet again, also because she had some stuff to give me *___* And I can't expose how much happy I am now!

I've just discovered my ex left his band XD and they're a bit on troubles coz they need a new member. So. I'm kind of happy. Hehe. This is what they deserve. And I hope they won't success. Tsk.

Finally today I could say goodbye forever to him. At least, in my mind and my heart. I understood how much pain I felt because of him. How bad I felt thinking of him. And now I don't feel anything anymore for him. Nor I'm grateful for "good" moments. Because I don't really know if they really were good moments. So, it's ok at this way :D


Oct. 29th, 2005 | 11:45 pm
mood: and cool XD and cool XD

My father is stupid. Today he went to take back my car from car assistance but to drive it where I work, he needed someone else in order not to take bus. He said "I'll ask to some collegue". But when he came to me to say where my car was, there was also his brother. And my mother doesn't want my dad to stay with his family. Why? What do you care? maybe they did something wrong no? =_= anyway.. he said a lie. A biiiig lie and my mom was angry, of course. Then I said to her to be quiet. Hihihi it was funny for me to say to him "why did you act like that? Don't you know you shouldn't say lie at your age? you're old! you should give us a good example!" XDDD and stuff like that hihihi.. I think I'll be a good mother. Even if still I have to find a nice boy who can be my husband..-_-'


Oct. 8th, 2005 | 04:59 pm

After all, also today I went to bed so late. 5.30am.
Bah! And I was planning to go to bed around 10pm.

But I was so nervous.. too nervous to sleep.. too nervous to sleep.. so beautifuuuuul and magicaaaaaaaaaal XD (FAKE? - Nervous too sleep)
I then started listening to Tourbillon, and suddenly tears came out from my eyes. I thought at that way I could sleep.. but no!! I listened to all songs on my MP3player.. sigh...
Then, thinking my depression was getting out so clearly, I decided to do something not to be depressed.
So, I got connected and talked with Kristy.
She told me about her family and her first love <3
Anyway, it was an interesting night.
It could cheer me up for a while. Now it's better, but I'm afraid of getting depressed later. And I don't want it. In some days I'll start working again, so I have 2 days to relax better. But sleeping all the time is not so relaxing :P
So, thinking I fell asleep at 6 am, I woke up at 2.40pm =_= sigh...


Oct. 7th, 2005 | 09:43 pm

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Oct. 7th, 2005 | 05:58 pm
mood: drunk drunk

I went to sleep at 5am, kept reading Shakespeare.. XD
I thought, when I was younger, I wasn't able to understand those stories.
It wasn't complete stories, but kind of short stories, about 10, to be read by young people, too.
So, finally I could read them :P

Now I'm here, watching "Versailles no bara".. and drinking some Bailey's and eating chips.
I already feel bad XD Not drunk yet, but.. my head is turning around.
I don't want to sleep now, coz I've woken up 3 hours ago XD I slept 10 hours or so.
Next week I'll go to sign new job contract, so in few days I'll have a new job.
These are my last days of vacation.
What a vacation. I felt bad all these days...-_-

Yesterday I went out with my mother. I went to the old job to give back uniform.
So, this period of my life ended.
Having a new job is a good thing, even if I think I won't have a normal life anymore.
I'll work over 6 hours at week. No sunday free.
Why do they have to be opened on sunday, too??
But I hope I can have 31st october evening free, so, if some of my friends will plan to have a Halloween night, I'd like to go there!
But I'm not sure.
Coz I want to save money to go in Japan as soon as possible.
But at this way I'll have money and also vacation to go there :D
But I know it's hard.
At first I have to find someone who wants to come with me and would like to go to a Tourbillon's concert, if they're planning to have one when I'll go :P hahah
I know it will be almost impossible, but it's my dream.
Maybe Ryuichi will be glad to know someone from my country went to his concert, thinking he loves my country ^^
He came here several times >_<;;
In my city! But I've never had the chance to meet him because I was not lucky.

André loves Oscar, but she's going to get married (we all know she will never get married because she'll die after André, and they'll make love too :P hahah XD)


Oct. 7th, 2005 | 02:24 am

I'm trying not to get depressed.
I'm here, listeing to MAI (Tourbillon's Hayama piano solo piece). I keep on smiling but it's hard.
It's a period I'd like to cry all the tears I didn't let go out for months. But I hope to be strong enough.
Maybe it's because of this cold.
That boy is such a stupid. But luckily I didn't fall for him, yet.
And I hope not to fall for him -_-'
I'm still waiting for Ryu :P
or maybe for another unforgettable boy I know I'll never meet again.
Even if I'd like to see him once again to tell him all the things I hide in my heart.
Now I really wish to go in Japan and see them playing.
This is my dream now.
And I'll fight hard to make my wish to come true!!
After all, I've just knew some stupid people is trying to break my happiness, getting people I don't even know XD how stupid. People who don't know me and against me XD
But it's better not to talk about this ^^
I don't wanna make people crazy because of my strange talking ^_^
But I know I can make new friends. REAL friends. Not stupid hypocrit people XD