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sometimes in the morning i am petrified and cant move

awake, but cannot open my eyes..

15 November
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scream it Micha
stalk me galvez/louisiana
ever since nov. 15, 1989
its in the stars scorpio :)
oh, so tall 4'10"
my hell st.amant high
sees through green eyes
brushes my hair is seven jillion colors...no lie

- brand new - my chemical romance - rilo kiley -from autumn to ashes - kill hannah - spice girls - billy talent - RHCP - less than jake - coca - smashing pumpkins - afi - the used - the ramones - soad - nirvana - metallica - BRAND NEW - korn - aerosmith(old stuff mainly) - green day - - incubus - blink-182 - some thursday - some bright eyes - alanis morissette (angry bitch rock) ^.^ - college meets jefferson - ac/dc . a new hope - pearl jam - forever in a day - taking back sunday - someday carolina -

POPSICLES!! =] – being a Scorpio - umm..and boys - and english boys, or guys from anywhere in the UK - and boys with red/orange hair - and boys with long hair - and boys with long red hair - scrawny kids - chubby kids - and canadian guys -umm..american boys O.o - (i do like boys ^.^) - reading - when people just randomly talk to me, on the internet and..erm..not on the internet - when guys kiss - the song coma white - BRAND NEW - kill hannah - jhonen vasquez - biting people - steven king - those little microwave pizzas - the tonight show - conan o'brien - blowing shit up - horiscopes - chucks - david bowie in the labrynth...gadda love your first celebrity crush =] - ron 'tator salad' white - Marilyn Monroe - bisexual guys - oh yeah, and my sidekick phil, or as i call him...phil..or sidekick.. - songs that are .....responding to each other (does that make sense?) well...like when theres a song..and then another one erm..responding? (bah..you should get it) ie from autumn to ashes' Autumns Monologue and The Fiction We Live..

- anime...it scares me - george w bush....fucking insane chimp motherfucker.... - and annoying people - the school system - the creepy wierdos that i/m me on yahoo cuz they got my name offa launch (if you i/m me on yahoo from here then tell me you're from here because i might not answer you if you dont) - people who are overly happy - people who overdo the whole 'sadness' persona - people who cut themselves for attention - people who think they can sing and do but really cant - ‘ghetto’ people - rap - hip hop - peperoni or anything but chese on a pizza - pop - almost anything but rock - homophobes and gay bashers - when vf resizes my pictures and makes me look really fucking stupid - when people put up the default away message - facial hair on guys - when people put shit like 'bloody kisses' or 'razorblade kisses' at the end of comments..wtf is that? - when people use BAD grammar/spelling/ect especially online-