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CI6 Original Music

O hai.

I was going to post this in Ci_slash or ci6_slash but since it's not slash and we don't really have a general ci community, I'll just post it here and people can take what they want. Please comment if taking though and feel free to direct other people here. :D

I've gotten a collection of original music from this year's Idols - past and present - and decided to share. If any one has anything I don't have let me know!

Paul Clifford
Paul Clifford - Bones
Paul Clifford - Waiting for the Rain
Paul Clifford - War Song

Oliver Pigott
Oliver Pigott - Anna Turn It Up
Oliver Pigott - Follow That Car
Oliver Pigott - Let Your Devil Die
Oliver Pigott - Our Generation
Oliver Pigott - Rich and Loaded
Oliver Pigott - Still On Your Mind

Sebastian Pigott
Sebastian Pigott - Anesthesia
Sebastian Pigott - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Sebastian Pigott - Howard Hughes
Sebastian Pigott - Saturday Smoke
Sebastian Pigott - Sinking California

Earl Stevenson (The Early Birds)
The Early Birds - My Ghost
The Early Birds - Ramblin
The Early Birds - Rollin Along
The Early Birds - Sparrow in the Sky

Jesse Cottam (Seven's Angel)
Seven's Angel - Mayhem Misery
Seven's Angel - My Direction
Seven's Angel - Not Alone
Seven's Angel - Take Back
Seven's Angel - This Time
Seven's Angel - Undecided
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