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as of right now, my life is a rollercoaster. not the fun rollercoaster either. i'm hoping for the ride to end on a high note. mark my words, as of today, October 24, 2006 i will be an overall happier person. no more self-bashing. no more fighting with hubby. just peace and relaxation.
maybe i'll go to mrs. winch's meditation before school in the lower gym....


in other news, i have a new family member. a teacup chihuahua, her name is mimi.

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this year in school really has been unlike every other year that i've ever been in school. i've actually met people that i would really like to stay friends with, i'd love these kids to be in my classes again every other year i'd sign a year book, "it was fun, have a good summer." this year i've actually meant what i've said in them.

+ this year i've met SO many awesome kids, dave, lynsey, emily, lindsay cundiff, burrian, jade, jess, nicole, justin, and so many more.

+ i've gotten closer with old friends like ken, josh, katie, brian (woody), and derek on and off ;) <4.

+ i've gotten an amazing boyfriend out of this year. ♥♥

+ i've realized that i can forgive people for things they've done that were really wrong like with dan and george and i've actually been able to restablish friendships with them both.

the only really bad thing i can think of is that ken's graduated now and i'll like never see him and we got so much closer this year. :(

i loved this year.
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