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laundry people

in the i-cafe, checking CouchSurfing.com for new hosts in Halab, and listening to Splead's "Пластмассовая жизнь", reaching the line "...гаснет свет" the lights go down and back up again.

It rains like hell here now. Due to Emeeline, the South-African girl with whom we're travelling together since Olympos (Jack went home just the day before yesterday, cos yeah, she's got to be back to work now) we're totally stuck in Alania, the touristic town with NOTHING to do but go and see the gorgeous castle. Just once.

And the sea is beautiful, high waves and all, but the rain nearly killed my tent while i tried camping on the beach. it took $10 and half of the day to get rid of the moist and the damned sand in the nearest laundry. I wonder why they didn't charge me $40 for all this sand in their drying machine. And they are soooo sweet people, the whole family. Even in the cursed Alania, Turkish hospitality is back again)) Just met czech bikers, they were moving thru the rain for the whole night, but they are equipped with GORETEX from head to toe. The nearest city with the gear shop is Istambul, and i'm not going back there even at the price of soaking. Not yet) Hopefully Syria has smthing to make me more waterproof...

Sorry kidz still no photos. I have no cable and they have no cardreader.
If it works out tomorrow we'll enter the blessed Syrian land. Cheap, hospitable and more of the Great East than half-european and 1/4-touristic Turkey.

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i wonder.
when i finally get back to homeland, will i continue to read LJ? just looked into the friends page, once again there's someones' "oh damned live's bad" there. i've been reading this crap for almost two years now, just got to understand that. people are we all crazy?

mediterranian is 4 times more salty then the black sea. really even eyes hurt first time. and clear like a glass, and ocean-blue like the perfect sea in the movies. and Kas(h) is full of yaughts in its harbours.
i'm fallin in love with that coast///

its a wow

now there's a company of an american, a south-african girl, a serbian guy and two russian freaks (us) at the table @kadir's treehouse, aged 23 to 41, and we do hang out. envy us, life is perfect.

mediterranian sea is 200 meters away. yesterday we walked our first 2000+ mountain (alone yeah:) and now i'm pretty sure i'd go to syria afterwards.

sorry no photos folks, my cell doesn t let me to upload em. c ya:)