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Twitter weekly updates for 2009-08-17

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  • Roy Keane: "Clinton headed it at knee height. If you're a defender and he heads it that low you take his head off." [Just sack him, please.] #
  • Paypal adds new fees with no notice http://bit.ly/U3N8Z #paypalfail #
  • Had acupuncture for the first time today. Deeply unpleasant but stunningly effective. #
  • Unbelievable piece of Facebook stupidity, via Wendi http://bit.ly/UCNgm Do try to remember when you've friended your boss, folks. #
  • Appear to have got on an Amex junk mail list. Am looking for UK invoicing address so I can bill them for wasted time processing the letter. #
  • Right. Have printed out one of my usual invoices and am billing them for a quarter of a day, 30 days payment terms. Let's see what happens. #
  • RT @radioriel Today on Radio Riel: Great tracks from early-mid 20th century with a jazz flavour. http://bit.ly/507ZW [Enjoy - I am!] #
  • Things I wish I could do, #137: Dance the Jimmy Cagney part in Shanghai Lil: http://bit.ly/18y3vZ #
  • This is ridiculous. A dozen needles in my back and I've had 24 hours with so little pain that it's barely noticeable. How, exactly? #
  • When biologists knit: http://tinyurl.com/4qcw69 [Via @ElrikMerlin. Not sure what @white_hart will make of it...] #
  • http://twitpic.com/dm6pl – Grow-your-own Victorian whiskers project #
  • http://twitpic.com/dm8xc – Once more, with a better camera and some technical jiggery-pokery. Pic by @astrofiammante. #
  • Just found one of the screws supposedly holding my chair together lying on the floor under it. Hmmm. No wonder it's been creaking. #
  • RT @girlonetrack Atheists! We did it on the buses, now let's do it for schools: support the BHA's campaign! http://bit.ly/H0sVn #
  • “When you grow up your heart dies.” Molly Ringwald writes about working with John Hughes, the "JD Salinger for Gen X". http://bit.ly/19r1xc #
  • Two deliveries this morning: a wonderful black gothy lace-up shirt and a rear wing endplate from a 2005 F1 championship-winning Renault. #
  • Support #welovetheNHS, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – http://twibbon.com/join/welovetheNHS #
  • Turns out my browser isn't failing – it's having the Skype add-on that killed Ajax support. Uninstalling it makes everything work OK again. #
  • RT @girlonetrack Fucking fuckity fuck. [Sometimes, the simple statements are the most eloquent.] #
  • Just putting kettle on in anticipation of guesting on @planetIRLdotcom's podcast with a mystery driver. Well, I know who it is obviously! #
  • An enjoyable 15 mins with Kohl at @planetIRLdotcom interviewing Dan Clarke (@SpeedyDanClarke) on A1GP, the IRL and other racing stuff. #
  • RT @rhianonjameson hopes everything goes well for @CaladonRae today. [Seconded] #
  • Several days now since I asked publisher for more detail on exactly which rights they wanted to buy. No reply. I think that project is dead. #
  • It appears @radioriel is playing a version of 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' recorded on a harpsichord. Ha bloody ha, says I. #
  • Have spent all day backing up databases. Boooo! #
  • I joined a thread: What's your favourite Islay whisky? http://a.tinythread.com/dsJ5nqSrUC #
  • Another day of doing database backups and bot-blocking and other under-the-hood things across 18 domains… #
  • Very bored with servers and databases now. Very bored indeed. #
  • Always nice to start the day with a phone call from a client to say their site is down… #
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