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Twitter weekly updates for 2009-07-12

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  • Another Monday, another headache. Life is always better when you know what to expect in advance. #
  • Spitfire has been taken to a Triumph specialist – early prognosis is gloomy :o ( #
  • RT @artesea good to see BT finally pulling out of Phorm http://bit.ly/oQqv6 hopefully the death of it. #
  • Things any would-be politician should do: http://bit.ly/10hx3E [Actually works just as well as a forced refresher for existing politicians] #
  • Sooo… raining here. How's it with you? #
  • Woke up at 5.30am… dunno why. Can't get back to sleep. Oh joy. #
  • Just trying the special edition Marston's Pedigree #Marmite, issued for the #Ashes – bloody hell it's strong stuff http://bit.ly/dhKnS #
  • Is nervous at seeing Flintoff in – at least he didn't get a golden duck, which is what I expected from him. #Ashes #
  • I wonder if it would be possible for Captain Jack and Torchwood to dematerialise those drunken gobshites chanting away in Cardiff? #Ashes #
  • Oh FFS. Formula One goes crazy again. Now FOTA teams claim they've been told they're not entered for next year after all http://bit.ly/5U7Zq #
  • Splendid stuff – today's Wikipedia article of the day on the curious history of Gropecunt Lane http://bit.ly/NIC4W #
  • RT @sensorywhisper Man dies in chocolate vat http://bit.ly/9MCPT firstly ouch :( now eyeing yorkie suspiciously #
  • Love and Liberty: What Do To About the Screws http://bit.ly/xT3d1 [Analysis of NotW criminal activites] #
  • Blimey, it's like listening to Twenty20 – Swann plays a Pietersen switch-hit for a four… #Ashes #
  • Supremely frustrating afternoon in the #Ashes – Aussies playing as solid as frozen treacle and just as hard to shift. #
  • The brilliantly funny video and story of how a musician took revenge on an airline that smashed his favourite guitar http://bit.ly/BnWiX #
  • Freak cricket catch – Ed Joyce out when ball lodges in fielder's pocket: http://bit.ly/184HV4 #

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