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_rancid_rose's Journal

→★♥{ Lisåƒèr }
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hey look, it's lisafer! oOoh yeah.

★♥ the girl ♥★

my name is lisa, but you people can call me lisafer, or Lovely Lisa. i am 19 years old, living in a small town called kinsman. i like to smoke weed, so if that's a problem.. too bad. you can't stop me. i don't smoke cigarettes, contrary to popular beliefs. i'm a kawaii/cute collector/lover. i like anything colourful & cute. hello kitty, tamagotchis, san-x, ect. i enjoy pen pals & package gifts, so if you'd like to be the person to make my day.. email me! i am a huge animal rights activist. animals have feelings, too. so please, don't hurt them. i'm a crafty chick, my room is filled with stickers, beads, pens, notebooks. oh and if any of you like making bracelets/necklaces, please, show me! i'd love to see and maybe even trade♥ i also write poetry, mostly sad poetry. i aspire to be a graphic designer or a poet. i'm intrested in japanese culture and tokyo street fashion. i want to live in tokyo one day. i am obsessed with sailor moon anime&manga.

though most of my entries are public, my more personal entries are friends only. if you'd like to be added, just comment on an entry.

1.) i smoke marijuana. if that's a problem, don't bother.
2.) i tend to make a lot of picture posts, but most pictures are behind a cut.
3.) i make icons, and if you use them.. be respectful & credit.
4.) i'm a fucking nutcase. Take my word for it.
5.) i am a non-religous person. so don't try to push your religion onto me.
6.) i post pictures. i post nude pictures somtimes. i do what i want.
7.) i will read & reply to every comment.

♥MOVIES; drop dead fred, bettlejuice, saw, saw 2, the butterfly effect, the shining, stigmata, the glass house, the secret garden, welcome to the dollhouse, rocky horror picture show, the virgin suicides, jaw breaker, garden state, legend, the cell, half-baked, how high, labyrinth, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, battle royale, the girl who lived down the lane, kill bill 1 & 2, nightmare before christmas, war of the worlds, requiem for a dream, gia, girl interrupted, neverending story, napoleon dynamite, AKIRA, pulp fiction, fight club, sybil, dazed & confused, crime & punishment in suburbia, cruel intentions, edward scissorhands, but i'm a cheerleader, american history x, fear, american beauty, fear and loathing in las vegas, the breakfast club, willy wonka's chocolate factory, a clockwork orange

♥ GAMES; american mcgee's alice, star ocean the second story, secret of the mana, breath of fire series, final fantasy seven, final fantasy tactics, harvest moon another wonderful life, harvest moon a wonderful life SE, animal crossing, soul cailbur 2 & 3, chrono trigger, chrono cross, dynasty warrior series, fable, parasite eve, ogre battle, the sims 2

♥ MUSIC;metallica, pantera, jack off jill, tom petty, mindless self indulgence, lynyrd skynyrd, tori amos, poe, jimi hendrix, tenacious d, lords of acid, the beatles, jethro tull, cream, red hot chili peppers, queen, janis joplin, nirvana, korn, bone thugs, ICP, twisted, kottonmouth kings, rob zombie, dashboard confessional, deftones, sublime, pink floyd, led zeppelin, gorillaz, styx, soul asylum, tool

★ THINGS; zombies, mayo, mustard, kidney beans,
★ IN PEOPLE; ignorance, predjudice, self-rightous assholes, people who think they are better, people who preach & don't quit, uptight people, sXe people without a clue & preachin' to me,

people who buy/give me things are loved forever. & if you do, you will be able to request whatever you'd like from me, graphic wise ( i.e.; layouts, icons headers, whatever. )

* the sims 2 for PC
* soul cailbur 3 for PS2
* scanner/printer
* kurt cobain's journal
* a paid account for livejournal or diaryland
* a paid membership for deviantart.com
* a dodge magnum ( yeah right lisa LMAO )
* burn me a CD! ( i love ALL kinds of music, so put what you want on it! )
* your DIY stuff. ( jewelry, clothes, whatever! )
* stickers ( i love cute stickers )
* beads ( any beads. i need more. )
* scrap fabric, old clothes.
* paint markers
* harvest moon for gameboy

god i'm greedy. lol.

♥ JOINED; _tamagotchi

♥ toybox ♥

kupo! rena lanford

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