Marla (_rainynights) wrote,

so the last couple weeks have been ok.

kinda boring and stupid.

went bowling with hannah. really freaky place.
went shopping.
last weekend my mom and i had to go pick up my grandpa in portland. wasnt that bad.
saw my lil cousins sunday. their moving to like orting or something.

uh i dont remember anything else.
i miss my old friends. like roxanne, katie p, kate, tiffany, aaron, david, and all those people at CH.

bye now

You are Fire...
Fiery people have high spirits, great
self-confidence, enthusiasm, and direct honesty
and openness. They project a radiant,
vitalizing energy that glows warmly. They need
a good deal of freedom to express themselves so
they can insist on their own point of view.
They are consumed - even entranced - by
whatever they do. They are motivated by
excitement, insight and intuition. That is,
they get an idea which captivates them. They do
not consider rational or logical thinking or
practical feasibility. The idea comes to them
fully formed and full of power. While the idea
may grow over a period of time, it does not
grow logically but intuitively. Sometimes fiery
people do not know why they must do what they
must do! They are assertive, individualistic,
active and self-expressive. Fire sign energies
can stimulate others, but they can also
overpower and exhaust them. Good natured and
fun-loving, they may have many friends. They
are generous with their time, energy, and
resources. They value having a good time above
material possessions. They are generous but
egoistic. Fiery people may believe so strongly
in their own powers and abilities that they
fail to notice the powers and abilities of
others. They apply themselves with this motto
'if you want something done right, do it

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