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I've just realised that I haven't updated this info bit for about 18 months or so, and as such it is ghastly out of date. Actually, a lot of this isn't true until about the end of the week, but I guess it's better to be in the future than the past.

University has somehow come and gone. It seems likes yesterday I was 18 and moving to Wales by accident/fate (depends what you believe) Now all of a suddent I'm 23. I am a teacher. I live and work in London. I am a Grown Up. If you have a spare moment can you work out when that happened please.

Actually, I feel just about the same as when I was a student, except my life contains rather less alcohol and considerably less dwama these days. The two seem inextricably linked.

I am relatively opinionated, deeply cynical, rather sarcastic and a chronic procrastinator. I am quite a private person which is why I like to live alone and be master of my own little space. It is indeed little, but living in London means it is still expensive. A small price to pay for my own sanity.

The most important thigns in my life are my family and my friends.

I am happy, most of the time.

my pet!