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The following has been stolen from Maia (mixmastermario) and done because of boredom and idleness.

10 Of Your Favorite Bands [Musicians] At This Moment:

- Blur
- Oasis
- Placebo
- Coldplay
- Travis
- Graham Coxon
- Ryan Adams
- Pulp
- Radiohead
- Elastica

09 Things You're Looking Forward To:

- Going to Paris.
- Finishing my exams.
- Seeing Mystic River.
- Seeing Lost in Translation.
- Seeing Kill Bill.
- Buying new mountain boots.
- Going on holliday.
- Er... having lots and lots of free time?

08 Things You Wear Daily:

- My glasses.
- Jeans.
- Purple necklace.
- Earrings.

07 Things That Annoy You:

- The Return of the King winning best film in the Oscars.
- The headache.
- Large amounts of work.
- Final exams.
- The Conservative party probably winning next general elections here in Spain.
- Immature people.
- Snobs.

06 Things You Touch Every Day:

- Pens.
- My discman.
- Computer.
- Food.
- My school bag.
- Er... my hi-fi.

05 Things You Do Every Day:

- Write
- Read
- Listen to music
- Sleep
- Having freak conversations about Blur.

04 People You'd Want to Spend More Time With:

- My friends
- Iria

03 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

- Donnie Darko
- Hable con ella (Talk to her)
- My life without me

02 Bands You've Seen Live

- BLUR!!!!!!
- er...

01 Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With:

- Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Liam Gallagher... hahah. Nah, that was just a freak joke. I'd just shag them...
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Everybody start laughing now. It was a porn film. Haha. At least, I laughed, cause my sisters got angry. Bad luck, I guess, isn't it?

Today I took my Catalan, Spanish and History exam and I think I did well on them so... Tomorrow I only have Greek, which won't be too hard.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! I won't be able to make your present today, so you'll have to wait! <33333..
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Okay. I'm over it. I've been talking to my friend Iria (feelmearound) and we decided that we won't waste our time trying to understand things because things are like that just 'cause the Oscars are shite. So... yay for the Spirits!

I've just realized that the day of Jess' (liveline) birthday is the day I start my final exams. So I hope you really enjoy your day (although I know I won't!). <33. Probably tomorrow PoA will be done!


Let's just hope it is really PoA and not any porn film! hahaha.

Downloaded The very best of the Stone Roses today and I'm loving it. OK comuter has just started. So in a couple of days I'll have it! You don't have to send me any songs, Jess!
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Mm-hm. I have to go to study, so I'll blog later. I just wanted to show you this :

edit/So Jess, are you happy? Good, 'cause I'm not. Hope you all RotK lovers are very happy cause I'm not. I didn't kill myself because I want to live to see Blur, Oasis, Radiohead, Placebo, Travis, Coldplay and a long list of bands in concert. That's why.

Yay for: Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Sofia Coppola (best writing, origial screenplay).

Buh for: The Return of the King (best movie [WHAT?!!]), Peter Jackson and Charlize Theron.

Should have won: Lost in translation (best film), Sofia Coppola (best directing) and Naomi Watts (best actress).

I'm very, very disappointed, as you can see. Don't be offended, LotR fans, please. <33
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Everyone download Placebo's Special Needs video now. One word: beautiful. You gotta see it.

Mm-hm, and guess who's got 63.16% of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yeah. I just hope it's not fake.

edited/71.13% now.
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Mmmm lovely Friday. Not that much, anyway, since next week (on Thursday and Friday) I'm taking four of my final exams (I'll take the four left on Monday and Tuesday of the following week). I'm kind of scared. Duh, I gotta study.

I've made some new icons! Well, only two. One featuring Damon Albarn (anyone doubted it?) and the other one has the awesome Travis. They're really simple, but my talent (as if I ever had one...) has died. Definitely. I can't even do a simple Livejournal layout. Bah.

Only two weeks left to go to Paris! I really want to. I can't wait. We're gonna have a great time! And we'll have to speak a little Frech... I always take good marks, but orally... well, it's different. It's gonna be fun, anyway.

I'd like to... er... plug(?) Rosi (rosii) and Jess (liveline) because I really enjoy those conversations where whe plan on kidnapingvisiting and rapinghanging out with Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree! <33333.
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So, I'm bloggin. Nothing much to say, really. I've done a couple of exams and I'm taking some more next week. And the following. So yeah.

We celebrated carnival on Friday. You can say we did a party at high school, but we frized ourselves out there because it was raining... uh. My friends Anna and Eli and I disguised ourselves as (Blur fans must know!)...

let's guess...Collapse )

I've been listening to Blur and Oasis a lot this week. They're my favourite bands. I just love them. I've watched Live forever again, too. Man, Liam is really a twat... but he's so sexy, isn't he? Damn, his voice.... it's hot here, isn't it? <333.
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I'm so happy today. Want to know why?

1. I finished all my exams and I didn't do it that bad.
2. I got the letter Rosi ( rosii ) sent me! I really really love it girl!! THANK YOU! The CD's the best!! (a Blur live CD).
3. I bought Blur's The Great Escape and Parklife (I didn't have the originals). Great.
4. Tomorrow I'm going shopping, cause I need new clothes.

I really need new icons, by the way. And a new layout. But I'm not going to do a thing, cause I'm that lazy. So yeah. <333.
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One more exam done. I only have one left: Greek. I'm quite scared, nervous... but if I study... whatever. I think I did well in the Latin test yesterday and today in the Literature test... I'm not so sure. But I'm not going to fail it, so...

I know I'm totally neglecting my community but I'm busy and tired these days and when I make icons nobody likes them... so why should I waste my time? I don't regret opening it, now Blur fans can share icons and all, but I think I won't post as much as I thought I would. That's all. Doesn't really matter, anyway. <33
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