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it always comes around

back to you

30 May
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bRowN eyEd girL*
heello there! i'm rachel! i'll be 15 on may 30, so get me something nice =) lol i go to valley forge, and unfortunately i'm a freshman! i have the most amazing boyfriend;; keith<33 and it's going on 3 months =D
i L O V E lots of things;; friends -- actors (orlando bloom; tom felton; elijah wood; dominic monaghan; billy boyd; shia labeouf; johnny depp; rupert grint; jeremy sumpter) -- movies (potc; lotr (1-3); harry potter (1+2); 10 things i hate about you; ever after; the faculty; american outlaws; breakfast club; the princess bride; holes; monty python; peter pan; the prince and me; better off dead; litte women) -- music (relient k; placebo; fall out boy; motion city soundtrack; the potc soundtrack; yellowcard; off kilter; sublime; oldies) -- books (harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban [and the rest of them =)]; the fearless series; sweet valley high senior year series; fingerprints series; sweep series; the hobbit; ella enchanted) -- skiing (peak n peek; holiday valley!!) -- food (cheese; chocolate; salad; veggies; steak) -- algebra -- accents (english; irish; scottish; austrialian) -- tv (survivor; american idol; even stevens; boy meets world) -- other places (florida; colorado; myrtle beach; new york)
i H A T E lots of things;; rob mariano (survivor) -- throwing up -- simple plan + good charlotte -- saying "melk" instead of milk -- certain people (ones that lie; are mean; annoy me; piss me off; make me mad; brag too much) -- getting up early