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[29 Apr 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | content ]

just wanted to update and say that i have a new journal, eightysix_ in case you didn't know! it's friends only though, so if you want to read the entries, you have to comment and be added =D

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sucky week so far [21 Apr 2004|03:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

man, this week has really sucked so far! i guess it's been so long for a bunch of sucky things to happen, that since like 14 little sucky things happened, it seemed to accumulate to some major suckage.

first, there was the breaking up with keith thing. i felt really bad, but i also felt that it kind of needed to be done, i guess? we're talking like semi-normal now, so that's good, but that was probably the first thing.

we're doing this big project for history, that's worth a ton, and we have to pick a decade (70's, 80's or 90's) to do a video on. it has to be 10-15 minutes, and we have to cover a bunch of stuff like legal, social, economics, politics, foreign policy and domestic policy. i'm with furda, amanda, keith, and laura. a good group, definitely, but amanda and keith really wanted to do the 90's. laura and furda didn't care, and i was like okay, i guess that's fine. well, after a little bit of thinking i realized that barely anything happened in the 90's! at least nothing that i find exciting or interesting. so today i was like well, why don't we do a different one because nothing really even happened? and keith and amanda kept saying how the 90's was really good, and we should do it, so i was like fine.. except i know ours is probably gonna suck because it's not like we can dress up or anything. we'll look exactly the same as we do now. and we can't play a lot of music cuz it was stuff like nirvana.. i really wanted to do the 70's, because soooo much stuff happened (disco, nixon, vietnam war..), but they were like 'well stuff happened in the 90's too..' yeah, dumb stuff that i don't really care about like desert storm or something like that.

i'll probably never have psp again. it got wiped out, with the rest of the computer, and i had it saved to a disk, but that didn't work, and amanda can't find hers, and my mom won't get it for me for my birthday, and i don't think she's going to let me buy it when i get enough money. that was definitely a big one. i mean, i make icons and things all the time. so now i can't. photoshop really sucks the big one, because you can't animate, and i don't like the way it works. i've tried to learn, i tried for 2 hours, and everything is completely different and i really don't like the way it's set up, or how you do stuff. it doesn't even let me use brushes on pictures. that's definitely a bit of a problem. and i don't know how to blend anymore, because it doesn't let me feather, so that really sucks too.. :'(

orlando's most likely going to be in kentucky. filming a movie. most likely in july. and guess who can't go? that'd be me! it's only like a 5 hour drive too, but my mom just "doesn't want to drive down there" i'm so pissed. i mean seriously, she acts like i'm going down to visit a friend or something. no, this is orlando bloom we're talking about here!! and who knows, if i went i might not even see him, but there's still the possibility.. :'(

and then there's other stupid things that have happened, people that have pissed me off, teachers that have pissed me off, and a lot of homework! lol

at least we got to play crab soccer today in gym.. it's too hard to explain in here how to play, but it's really fun and furda is always completely crazy during it! so it's fun! and youth group is tonight, for the first time in a few weeks, so that's good too! i'm pretty excited about it, because it's been so long, but i'm going to miss the small group lessons, because i actually talked during them. lol. i'm gonna get going and go do some completely pointless geometry..


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i'm a free girl [18 Apr 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | relieved/nervous/upset/bad ]

i broke up with keith. i'm sorry amanda, i didn't want to wait because i've been thinking about it for so long that i wanted to get it over with so that we could be friends faster. i figure that he won't want to be friends for like 2 weeks.. i really really hope it's a lot sooner, but who knows? i did it over the phone.. pathetic, i know, but i didn't want to do it in school. our conversation went like this--

me; okay, we need to talk... i think we make better friends. it's not that i don't like you or anything, but i just think of us more as friends.. and i hope that we can still be good friends, because i really value our friendship..
him; oh.. wow..
me; is it possible that we can still be friends?
him; it's possible (in the most unconvincing voice)
me; i mean, i don't mean tomorrow we're gonna be best friends, but somewhere in the near future..
him; can i call you back?

and then we said our goodbyes. i really want him to call back so i can tell him that it's not him, and that i don't like another guy (cuz i really don't like anyone else at all..), but i just felt that we made better friends, and it's just the situation that i'm in right now. not that i'm in a situation, but just the way i am right now. i'm rambling, aren't i?

well he just called back! i got to tell him that i didn't hate him and i didn't like another person and stuff, and he said that he understand, and that he didn't want me to be unhappy (just like you said! lol), and that we can be friends. i told him if he needed his space, he could have it, just to let me know and stuff, so i think that eventually, we'll be okay. i'm sure it'll take some time, but eventually, we're gonna be friends again.

i still feel absolutely awful. buuut, there's not much i can do to fix that now can i?


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why not? [14 Apr 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want and I will answer it. Then, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.


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hold your breathe and count to 10, then fall apart, and start again [13 Apr 2004|02:00pm]
[ mood | creative ]

ahhh i'm so full of creativity right now, but i can't do anything about it because i don't have psp anymore :'( it got wiped out with the rest of the computer, so i'll have to wait till amanda comes over before i can do anything.. well, i do have photoshop, but i don't know how to use it yet, so that doesn't count. my computer is supposedly fixed. it works pretty nicely, but apparently we have a virus, except the virus doesn't seem to do anything.. lol.

columbus was fun! my grandma bought me my birthday present (quite early, i know, seeing as my birthday isn't until may 30) =) she bought me a purse from pac sun, socks, and a really cute shirt and skirt from weathervane! i was excited! lol oh and a pair of shoes (they were only $6, and they're soo cute!)! easter dinner was phenomenal! we finally had ham!! i've been waiting to have ham for a really long time, and the last few holidays we haven't had it, and ohmigosh, it was so good!! lol

i saw the prince and me! awwww the movie was so adorable!! it was really really good, and i'm totally getting it when it comes out on video. and luke mably.. wow, he's hot!

laura came over yesterday! that was fun! lol except when i found out that we had the virus, which meant that i might not've been able to save anything that i had on the computer, so i was a little upset.. but now i found out that it's okay! but i won't be sending any mail because i don't want to send the virus.. i'm not sure if in doing that i would send it, but just in case, i'm not going to be sending anything.

absolutely amazing things that are coming up
1) peter pan - may 4
2) troy - may 14
3) lotr rotk at the parma - eventually
4) lotr rotk on video - may 25
5) HARRY POTTER!!!! - june 4!!! (i don't think i can wait)
6) myrtle beach - july 16
7) me and keith's 3 month anniversary (that sounds so gay, lol) - april 16
8) my birthday! - may 30

well, i think that's enough to look forward to! and right now, i'm looking forward to a nice hot shower..

<33___hugs, rachel*

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always stays the same, nothing every changes.. [09 Apr 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | chilly! ]

heeeeeeello! updating from aunt renee's house right now. i'm kind of bored, so i filled out a survey stolen from leslie's lj (number9scrummie)

wow, a surveyCollapse )

anyways, came to columbus today! lol the drive wasn't too bad, i kind of slept most of the way. went to the mall with aunt renee, mom, and grandma. grandma ended up buying me stuff for my birthday, which isn't till may 30, but oh well! lol i got shoes and a really cute purse from pac sun, socks from aeropostale, and then a reaaaaaaaally cute shirt and skirt from weathervane! =D lol it was definitely a good trip! she wanted to buy me other stuff, but i felt bad cuz it was like a ton of money, so i didn't get it.

for some reason, i'm really missing keith. i don't even know why, all of a sudden i was just like man, i really wish i could call him right now =\ buuut i can't, cuz of the whole long distance thing, so that sucks. he probably wouldn't be home anyway, or something.

i'm 99.9% positive that i'm going to see the prince and me tomorrow with lynn! that should be fun =D i've wanted to see it ever since i saw a poster for it in the girls' locker room, so every day before gym i always told kelsey how i wanted to see it, lol. and now it's out, and i'm gonna go see it!

i'm gonna go, so i hope everyone's break is going well! sorry if i haven't commented in a while!!

<33 _ r a c h e l *

lyrics to one freaking amazing songCollapse )

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[08 Apr 2004|05:38pm]
[ mood | cold ]

eeesh it's really chilly in the basement!! lol anyways, SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! ahhh i'm so happy. i swear this week seemed to last forever. took a history test today, and i know i totally bombed it. normally when i saw bombed it's like C+, but right now, a C+ is looking spectacular, so it's not going to be good =\

i'm going to columbus tomorrow! yesss, i've wanted to go for a while, and my mom doesn't want me to go (she says that she'll have to drive me around.. i have other people that live there that can drive!), but oh well! lol lynn (cousin's gf) wants to go see The Prince and Me so i'm excited, because i've been wanting to see it for a really long time, and the guy looks really hot =) lol.

i went back to greenbriar today 1º-5º, to go talk about geometry.. haha i told everyone that it sucks ;D lol oh well. but i got to talk to the teachers a lot, cuz i went up 3rd, and talked with them the whole period, cuz there wasn't anyone coming to ask us about how gay geometry is. it was awesome =) i miss is so much though =\ and my mom taped over the house x video!!! but mr. blaha let me borrow his master copy, so i can re-transfer it.

dustin's really funny. just wanted everyone to know. lol during study hall and gym we're always laughing so much. furda's hilarious in gym too. ahh i love that class!

yesterday was not a good day. i don't remember why, but i remember that it sucked. yeaah, so today was a lot better =D lol i'm gonna go and eat and pack and get warm!! lol i hope everyone has a good break! i'm sure i'll be updating a lot while i'm in columbus!

oh, we're wiping out my whole computer tomorrow, so if i'm not on once i get back, that's why!


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[02 Apr 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ahhh i'm dead tired!! went to bed fairly late last night, so all day today (except the beginning of 5º! lol) i was really tired.. but anyway,

we had an absolutely impossible math test.. everyone thought it was an april fools' joke because it was yesterday, and it was so hard, but we found it that it wasn't, and i managed a B =) i was pretty proud, even though it was 80% exactly, lol. we can take it again, but if i did, i'd probably do worse and then be stuck with that grade, so i'm stickin' with mine! and then there's brandon who gets 39/40 and goes 'aw man, i think i'm gonna take it again!!' i was like wow, that's sad!! lol. and i thought i was bad about grades!

we have to do a paper on a catastrophic event, so i picked the JFK assassination. well, i'm actually writing my paper on all of the different conspiracty theories about how he was killed (which isn't the catastrophe, per se, but oh well! lol). so wednesday, amanda and i went back to greenbriar, to rig mr. blaha's room for april fools' day! we walk in and automatically he says "gapa and janosko, here at greenbriar on march 31st, the day before april fools' day.. what a coincidence!" i thought we were totally gonna blow it, but i just said told him about the project (he's absolutely fascinated about my essay topic, so i was using that as a cover up for the reason we were there), and i think he believed us.. lol okay, well until yesterday when i went back and i walk in and he says "do you really have a project, or was that just a cover up?" but anyway, we couldn't get into his room cuz his door was locked once he left, and mr. banville wouldn't let us in!! so we went searching for dr. romeo, and couldn't find him, or the cleaning guy who would let us in, so we couldnt' do anything =(

i went back yesterday with sara massey, and we ended up rigging it =) lol okay, well not really, we just had it so that when he turned the light on, confetti would fall on his head.. but still! we won't know if it worked until my friend (that goes there) comes online, and i really want to know!!! lol

yesterday my computer was being really gay, and i couldnt' do anything at all (not even get to the desktop), so we thought that we had to delete everything and like re-do it (i'm having a mind blank of what that's called right now.. lol), and i was really upset because that meant that every icon that i made or saved, every picture that i saved, and every assignment and letter i've done in the past 2 years were going to be deleted. and all of my saved e-mails, and all of the quotes that i've saved over the past year.. yeah, i was really upset. but then my cousin fixed it, and it works now!! but we're still going to save everything to a disk and then we're taking the hard drive with us to columbus next weekend (oh, i'm going to columbus next weekend by the way!) so he can wipe it out and then we're gonna re-install everything and stuff.

yesterday i went up to dustin and i'm like 'wow dustin, you look really good today.. APRIL FOOLS!!" lol he knew i was just messin' around, so he wasn't upset, but it was kind of funny. him and keith were playing this huge trick on me that there were really mad at each other, but i didn't believe it, so yesterday in history i said to keith, "i know that you and dustin are joking, he told me this morning.." keith- 'aw man, he really told you!?' me-"no, but you just did!!" ahh i was so proud of myself cuz i never trick keith!! =D =D =D lol and then we convinced jess c. that ryan and tiffany were having a baby. it was the funniest thing ever.. and there was a table of juniors behind us (it was at lunch), and after we totally had her going, ryan said "jess, we have something to tell you.." and then we (me, les, sara matzek, and ryan) all screamed "APRIL FOOLS!!" and the table behind us started yelling it and one of the guys was like "YOU JUST GOT PUNK'D!!!" it was really gay, but really funny lol.

sorry this update is huge!!! i was going to update yesterday and the day before, but the whole computer-not-working-thing was a bit of a problem!

hpoe you all have a good weekend! :]


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sorry!! [29 Mar 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

sorry for updating about 3 times in the last 2 days! i know, i never do that. lol well, i just wanted to say that yesterday i was being extremely dumb and stupid! lol i knew i was being dumb, too, but i just felt like getting it out. today he seemed quite happy to see me, so i think we're okay ;) lol and we hugged a lot.. ahh i <3 hugs!

NEW LAYYYYYY OUT! i looove it =D all the lyrics and whatnot are from john mayer, i love john!! lol

today at lunch ryan somehow found a way around what i was saying to say that i gave keith head (which i would not do) and i was joking and said that tiffany (his girlfriend) was a whore, so he started kicking me (it hurt!). but anyway, i told her that i was just joking around, and she's like ohmigosh we should play a huge joke on ryan and pretend that we hate each other. so we had this big conversation about how we hate each other and stuff.. ahh it was so funny! lol we sent it to him, and then we're gonna write each other threatening notes, and then on wednesday at the end of the day we're gonna tell him that it was just an april fools joke =) i'm excited! lol so if anyone talks to ryan, DON'T TELL HiM WHAT WE'RE DOiNG!

i'm gonna go play ddr!! make sure to read my last few entries if you've missed them!


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errr.. [28 Mar 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | confused ]

errr i hate it when i'm in a bad mood :(

it makes me over analyze things. like i was talking with keith on the phone a little bit ago, and it sounded like he was annoyed with me. he was probably just tired, or not annoyed with me at all, but since i'm in a dumb mood, i feel like he was annoyed and tomorrow he'll come to school and be like 'ahh i hate you, i want to break up!' lol okay, i know he wouldn't say that, but i'm still letting my insecurities take over and freak me out. arrrarrararar i hate when i'm like this.

i saw the harry potter 3 trailor today on E! it was amazing =D i almost cried. lol i'm so pathetic. oh well! i felt the need to update about my upset-ness, which is probably not even anything to worry about.

i'm making a new orlando layout right now, i'll probably have it up by tomorrow. i dunno!


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what shampoo do you use? ;) [27 Mar 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | okay ]

*i'm apologizing now to anyone if i've been gay for the past week or so.. cuz i have! lol and i'm hoping you can all figure out the reason behind my gay-ness, because it should be gone by next week =)*

anyways, lol things have been going pretty good. i'm getting straight A's =D in biology, i had 88.7%, and we had this huge test on thursday (last day of the grading period), so i was completely freaking out about it.. i needed an 81% on it to get an A in the class, and i got 83%! i was freaking out before komar came back with the test grades.. i think carrie (lab partner) was going to kill me, lol. so i was really happy that day!

laura slept over thursday, which was definitely good cuz i feel like we're barely even friends anymore. she felt like that too cuz she wrote me a note saying it, so it was really good to hang out and just talk about things and take really random pictures of us with the izone camera.. lol. i made an aim icon out of it (it's my icon for pirate rach), so if you happen to IM me on that, check the icon out =)

we were supposed to go to the mall with amanda (j) friday, but we couldn't get rides, so that sucked :( and then we went to go play tennis, but all the courts were wet, so that sucked too, so we went to frozen custard!! lol

then after laura left, i went over to erin's!! which was really fun cuz i haven't seen her since her birthday party in january! we watched lots of movies! lol interview with a vampire, which was quite, um, interesting (hello! i am antonio banderas, a guy with a spanish name, living in france, trying to sound french, but i have an italian accent!!) lol it was actually a really funny movie, even though it was supposed to be semi-scary, i guess. it was good though! and then we started watching monty python and the meaning of life, and that was very strange, but kind of funny. we didn't get to finish it though, cuz we went to go watch ever after.. i <3 that movie!!

today we went to the mall, and then i came home! lol. i'm all crampy today though :'( cuz both dana and amanda (g) asked me if i wanted to do anything, but i said no because i felt crappy. hopefully i'll feel better later! i'm gonna go call keith!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!! well.. tomorrow! lol

<33 rachel*

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worn out.. [24 Mar 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | sore ]

mannn i feel really worn out right now! and i don't know why, i just do lol. i'm pretty sore from soccer, which is pretty pathetic, considering it's only gym class. though i got hit in the face, leg, and stomach (twice) yesterday.. and i still have the imprint of the ball on my leg. and right now, every time i breathe in, i have a pain in my chest, so that's not good!

hmm, i can't even really remember what's happened lately! lol. oh wow, it's been a long time since i updated!! let's see-- we had this really gay biology project (we worked with partners, i worked with sara matzek), and we worked on it for a good 4 hours or so, so i'm definitely hoping for an A!! lol and i made a few animations on the computer for the beginning of it, hoping to get some extra credit, and i think it could possibly because he seemed at least semi-interested, even though they suck compared to my icons lol. but i really need the A, because right now i have 88.7%, and i really really don't want a B!! we went to the mall on friday, too, and it was fun! =D

laura wrote me a note, saying that she feels like we're barely friends anymore. which i fully agree with. we haven't been talking much at all lately :'( not that we've been mad at each other, cuz we haven't, we just haven't really hung out or talked to each other about anything important (besides for math homework). she wrote me that on monday, i think, and i wrote her back, and for the past two days we've been talking a lot! lol so that's definitely good. she's sleeping over tomorrow night (we don't have school on friday!), so that will really help us become best friends again.

me and erin are finally getting together too!! it's been like a month and a half, so i'm really happy that we've finally figured out a time when we can hang out! ERiN! i'm assuming i'm sleeping over, so i can see your room, right?

things between me and keith are good, nothing really new to update about that.

things are pretty good right now, besides for my bio grade, and my worn-out-ness! i think it's cuz i'm hungry, so i'm gonna go eat and load up on sugary kool-aid!! =D lol i should definitely not be tired after that =)


btw--if anyone wants an icon, let me know, cuz lately i've been making them like crazy, cuz i've been bored lol

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[16 Mar 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well the weekend was good! =) i went over keith's saturday night, and it was really fun! we watched harry potter, cuz he never saw it (i <33 it!). and we kissed =D only for a bit though, because it was in his room, with the door open, and his mom was down the hall. lol. his mom's so nice, though! i didn't have to meet his stepdad, cuz he was out of town (which is good, cuz he scares me..). it was fun, though!

we soooo should've had a snow day today. but our superintendent is really gay, so that's why! every single school around us was closed (except for cleveland) and we weren't. even one of the catholic schools, across the street from laura, was closed, and we weren't! ahh it was gay, and the roads were absolutely horrible, but oh well! kelsey came over after school and it was fun just to hang out.

on sunday we went to the mall, and on the way there, this one oldies song came on, and i was dancing in the front seat, and i look over at the car next to us and this older lady was singing and dancing to the same song!! it was so hilarious, we were laughing so hard. lol it was fun to hang out with kelsey, cuz i haven't in a while!

america's next top model is on, so i'm gonna go!
<33 rachel*

--oh yeah-- i made my first animated icon!! i'm so excited! i'll edit this in a bit and post it once the show's over! =D

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:'( [14 Mar 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i'll update about the weekend another time --

erin had to put her dog to sleep today :'( i felt like kobe was my dog, because i never had a pet. she was only 5 too.. if everyone can, please pray for God to be with erin's family during this time, because it's really hard on all of them, especially erin. so if everyone could just do that, that'd be great.


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ARARRRARRAR! «- that's me yelling angrily [13 Mar 2004|03:26pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

well, the title actually has nothing to do with anything :) lol last night i was trying to make a background for jess and psp kept doing really stupid things, so i went like that. and made myself laugh. lol. so how's everyone's weekend been? mine has been absolutely exciting!

yesterday, i came online. and then.. i stayed online. and then.. i went upstairs, came back downstairs, and was online =D lol i was supposed to hang out with keith, but i had subway and it made me feel like poopoo, so i didn't feel like doing anything, so we talked on the phone for a while. but yeah, all in all, the night was really really boring.

and then i got up about an hour and half ago, showered, and guess what? i'm back online! lol yes, i have absolutely no life. my mom went to columbus this weekend, but she's coming back today cuz she said that she has a bad cold, and doesn't wanna get my aunt sick cuz my aunt's going to florida next week!

i really wanted my dad to drop me and a friend off at southpark (mall), cuz i've been wanting to go there for a REALLY long time, but he said no =( so once again, i'm stuck doing nothing today! i made some icons last night though. because i was bored.

results of my boredomCollapse )

yeah, if anybody wants them (which i highly doubt lol) then you can take em, just credit me!

hopefully everyone's having a more eventful weekend than i am!


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grrrrrreat weekend! [07 Mar 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow! what a fun weekend! friday, keith looked absolutely amazing (sorry, really had to put that in there lol), and it was a fun day! leslie came home with me and helped me pack. on the way back to her house, we stopped at frozen custard cuz it opened on the first =D i <3333 that place! lol anyway, we got to leslie's and just hung out for a while. watched holes, ate some very tasty homemade pizza, watched some pirates, which i fell asleep through during like the very beginning lol.

we got up at like 9, and got ready to go to a place called camp y-noah for the student council retreat!! i was really nervous about going to a place where i only knew 3 people, one of which i didn't like very much, knowing that i was going to be split up from all of them for most things. it was okay though, i actually had a really awesome time! they split you up into councils, and then also into lab groups (not like science labs or anything! lol). and i met leah, who was had never been to an event before, and was in both my council and my lab group, so i was pretty happy! she was really cool. from a really small town that i've never heard of! lol i met lots of new people, which i was really happy about! we did a bunch of different things that are kind of hard to explain, but it was so much fun!! ahhh i'm so glad that i went! =D and then there's state conference, which everyone says is way better than retreat, so i'm really excited for that too!

yellowcard is coming to cleveland!!! with something corporate!!! except i can't go! lol cuz state is on the 22nd, so i'm assuming that if i had to get up early the next morning, that would suck really bad!!

my weekend was awesome, even though i'm dead tired today. i got home from leslie's after retreat, and i was really tired, so i went and played DDR for like 45 minutes! lol and then i layed on the couch for about an hour or an hour and a half just doing nothing, reading, and playing game boy advance.. it was nice =) and then i went to the mall with my mom.. check it out --

the most amazing thing ever..Collapse )

how amazing is that?! that's pretty amazing if you ask me. i'm gonna go, bye bye!

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[03 Mar 2004|10:35pm]
just wanted to update once more to say that i got a new layout!! =D yayyy and if you didn't see my post with a bunch of pictures, then go back and read it! lol thanks once more to neotino911 for my lovely icon! =)
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[03 Mar 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | *chilly!! ]

heeello! how is everyone? i'm better than i was earlier. i stayed home from school today due to my "little friend" =) boy, do i hate it. but yeah, i didn't feel good, and i knew we weren't doing anything so my mom said i could.. and i got to miss out on having mrs. casey =D lol that's definitely a plus!

i was bored, and went a little crazy with the digital camera, so i took bunches of pictures of my orlando wall, so everyone can see the wonderous glory that is my wall =)
loads of pictures!Collapse )

student council retreat in 2 DAYS!! i'm exciiiiited!

anyone that prays -- if you could please pray for leslie.. her dad lost his job on sunday, so if you could just pray that he finds a new job soon and that it won't take too much of a toll on her family. thanks =) hang in there les, i know you guys can get through this, i love ya!!

i'm gonna go! bye bye!

[EDiT]: a huuuuge thanks to neotino911 for making my amazing icon!! i'm in the process of making a background that matches =)

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stuff =) [01 Mar 2004|08:10pm]
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hello!!! not too much has happened since i last updated, but i think it's better if i start updating more than once a week, so my updates aren't like 12 pages long lol.

anyway, saturday amanda j came over, and we went to play tennis up at the commons! it was fun, and i've decided to definitely try out for tennis. i'm really excited because i guess they only have 6 people right now, and to have a varsity team you need 7.. so i really don't see me not making it =) and amanda might come out for the team too, so that would be really fun! we were walking home and there were some ghetto guys a little ways behind us, and they yelled something at us (we weren't sure what), but they scared us so we started "casually jogging" (running lol) down the street so we could get away from them cuz they were scary!

then keith called, talked about how he got drunk friday night, and got in trouble with the police. he asked me if i was mad, and i told him it was his fault if he wanted to be an idiot. he proceeded to say he wasn't an idiot because he was lying about the whole thing.. there was no doubt that i wanted to kill him! lol

ryan made up this whole thing friday about how ethan got voted off of survivor, because i had taped it and expected to watch it after school.. i almost cried at lunch! lol then i watched the tape, and found out it was richard. i wanted to kill ryan! i wanted to kill a lot of people over the weekend.. lol

A HUUUUGE CONGRATULATiONS TO LORD OF THE RiNGS AND EVERYONE iNVOLVED!!!!!! i was so happy watching the oscars!! a little upset that johnny depp didn't win, but sean penn is cool, too! lol but wow, i was so *happy* for LOTR! :D they deserved every single thing they won! though i wish that pirates would've won for best original score (i don't even know if they were nominated..) i'm absolutely obsessed with that soundtrack, but anyways..

i'm hoping that everyone had a good weekend and that everyone's week will be good! student council retreat is this weekend, and i'm excited!! a little nervous, cuz i'm going to place where there's going to be heaps of people that i don't know, and leslie said we usually get split up, so i'm not going to be with a single person that i do know =\ i'm sure i'll still be able to be my normal outgoing self =) hopefully.. well, even if i'm not leslie said she'd kill me :] lol i'm hoping to make a new background soon. i'm sick of this one already!

<33 rachel*

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drained [22 Feb 2004|05:50pm]
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wow, what a weekend it's been! nothing exciting happened during the week i don't think. i have this stupid bio project with sara, where we have to make a 3D nucleus, and it's supposed to be 8 feet tall, but mr. komar decided to be generous and let us make it 3 feet. what a nice guy he is! (can you hear the sarcasm?..) lol anyway, so i'm going to do that with her pretty soon, but here's what happened with the rest of the weeekend..

after school sara mat came over, and we worked on that gay project. it took us a little while, and maybe i'll take a picture of it and post it on here if i ever get around to it. she left, and i showered and went to bed because i had to get up at 5 saturday!

this was the craziest day i've ever had. okay, probably not, but it's still pretty crazy!
--the skiing
it was pretty fun! i fell once because my goggles were fogged so i didn't notice a bunch of snow right in front of me, and i was goin pretty fast, so i fell pretty hard on my hip =\ my butt's a bit sore today, but it wasn't bad. sara had a coughing/asthma/panic attack all at the same time on the ski lift which was really scary because 1) i thought she was gonna die and 2) i thought she was going to throw up, so it was not a good combination! she was okay after we got up to the top though. eden didn't feel good for a lot of it, so i don't think that she had all the fun in the world. half the time it was me, sara, and this kid grady, who's usually really annoying but he was alright. and then the other half it was me, sara, grady, eden, paul, tim hollingshead, and kenz. i enjoyed it a lot because i didn't get tired or feel sick at all! =)
--the bus
the way there was fun! i sat with paul for most of the time, and i watched dumb and dumber, and ate lots of danish =D it's really tasty! lol we stopped at mickey d's on the way there too, and it was fun! i always love mcdonald's breakfast food. the way home was.. different. (you're all going to kill me) but i can't talk about what exactly happened, but i cried. (i didn't get hurt physically) nothing with me and keith either! lol. but anyway, yeah, and i went up and talked to mr. blaha about it for a bit, and i just hope that things are going to get better. i'm not really allowed to talk about it though, so i'll just say that nobody died or got hurt lol. but yeah, it was okay towards the end. and i got to take home a box of danish! =) lol all in all, it was a good trip, i'd have to say. and i think that paul and eden might just go out soon!! i hooooope!

had to get up early, 8;30 =\ to go to church. but it was fun cuz we're starting this thing called the 40 days of purpose, where we look for our purpose in life and stuff. i think it sounds really interesting! sara and i worked on the project again, and we're finally done!! okay, well she still has to sponge this one part of it, but that'll take like 3 seconds. the project is so stupid. he says he's going to turn the whole room into a cell, so we each had to make different parts, but the other 2 classes did the exact same thing, so i don't know how he's going to hang all 3 of the same part, cuz they're pretty big. oh well! that's his problem. today i'm hoping just to hang out and watch movies or something lol. i'm really tired =\

i got the pirates music for piano!!! i don't know if i said it or not, but ohmigosh, it's so amazing!! it's exactly like the soundtrack. ahhh it's stupendous (i didn't want to say amazing again lol)! i'm gonna go eat dinner so i hope everyone had a good weekend!


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