just believe

you can visit neverland any time you like

_ q u o d p o t

layout and background by me

hey hey and welcome. i used to love all the icons i'd
stumble across while role playing at different hogwarts
schools and then when i accidently came across live
journal and discovered all the journals and communities
dedicated to icons i became quite obsessed with the
brilliant work all these people could squeeze into a little
100x100 square. and so with my current addiction to
icons i tried following a few tutorials and finally figured
out photoshop which my brother had sat me in front of
a looong time ago, and wonder why i didn't listen to him
when he tried to explain how it worked instead of
thinking he was a complete computer geek and
whatever he was trying to show me was complete

so now here I am attempting to have my own collection
of home grown icons that others can enjoy. please feel
free to friend me…just add me first and then let me
know you have in the most recent post.

just a few rules to follow. they’re simple really.

commenting is great. just a little note to the entry
where the icon is to let me know which icon you’re
taking. really makes my day when I see someone
actually likes my work and is actually going to use it.

credit in keywords is a must. it’s quite annoying
noticing your icons somewhere uncredited.

credit both icons and bases. bases you may edit and
credit yourself also, but please credit me for the base.

don't claim my icons as your own. nothing pisses icon
makers off more than seeing their own hard work giving
someone else credit. so don’t even think about it.
besides, someone is more than likely going to find you
out and then you’ll have the whole lot of us icon makers
after you!

no hotlinking. i’d really prefer my bandwidth to just be
used up by myself unless I say otherwise for some
reason that i really can’t think of at the moment. please
save to your own computer and from there.

please don't alter them yourself. if you see an icon that
you like but would like a whole lot more if some other
border was used or if some other font or text was used
just ask and if I remember how I did it in the first place
I’m sure to recreate the icon for you.

but most of all love 'em. love reading the fancy words
printed over the irresistible 100x100 images with the
enticing colours and exhilarating brushes.

challenge 1 at potc__stillness

challenge 2 at trio_chorus

challenge 5 at riddickulus

much thanks goes to all the following people for the
bloody brilliant tutorials, brushes and pictures they
share with all us icon makers who need that little extra
help. I’m sure heaps more will be added over time…but
for now definitely check out the sites/journals of these
guys cause there’s sure to be something for you.

teh_indy’s tutorials/guides
Booster Rocket

Hybrid Genesis
Falling Night

the Leaky Cauldron
sweet and talented
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