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nigel? [22 Jan 2005|05:27pm]
ok if the answer is really obvious this is going to be so embarassing as i thought of myself as a pretty big harry potter fan. but looking through this list on imdb i read that william melling plays nigel..but then i couldn't think who nigel is? and all i keep thinking of is the pelican from finding nemo.

so who's nigel??
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[18 Jan 2005|09:11pm]
ok been working on the whole icons not showing up issue. umm..are they now showing up for you too or is it just my computer? i never know sometimes cuz my comp doesn't automatically refresh whenever i visit a page i've already been to and then i get confused if it's really working or not.
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[17 Jan 2005|06:22pm]
damn bandwidth. sorry about this guys. and it doesn't start fresh again 'til the 28th. heaps is going on right now too so i don't really have time to fix it all up but i should get to it some time soon. i haven't had time to make new icons anyway.

3 more eeyore [08 Jan 2005|02:05pm]

eeyore!!Collapse )
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hunchback / johnny / freddie [06 Jan 2005|10:27pm]
seeing as it's topsy-turvy day "on the sixth of january" i thought it a good day to do hunchback icons.

16 from disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame and 11 of Johnny Depp and 4 of Freddie Highmore

02. 24. 28.

come one, come allCollapse )
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eeyore / classic pooh / mischa [04 Jan 2005|08:35pm]
3 eeyore from The Tigger Movie, 17 classic pooh from the credits of TTM, 8 mischa barton from the OC, and 14 eeyore bases

03. 04.

3 eeyore / 17 classic pooh / 8 mischaCollapse )

32. 35.

14 eeyore basesCollapse )
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version 2 [04 Jan 2005|02:44am]
with a new year comes a new layout. yay!! still a few touch ups yet to be done..especially with the background colours not matching. but as my 'prt scr' button isn't working and it's 2:36am i think i'll leave it for another day...

thanks for all the comments you guys! it really makes the icon making worth it <3 and i promise more icons are on their way.

so happy new year to you all and hope its a great one for you all

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tigger movie / harry potter [30 Dec 2004|02:00am]
31 from the disney's the Tigger Movie and 9 actor icons from Harry Potter

04. 19.

31 winnie the poohCollapse )

33. 39.

9 harry potterCollapse )
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monsters, inc. [15 Dec 2004|12:47pm]
here's 24 from the disney pixar movie Monsters, Inc.

06. 12. 15.

5 mike, 5 sulley, 8 boo, 6 miscCollapse )
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looong holiday [16 Aug 2004|08:31pm]
i hate to do this to you guys but i'm interstate for a few weeks, not sure exactly when i'll be back. i'm so behind in everything at the moment so it'll give me time to catch up with it all.

see you when i get back. hopefully with a whole lotta icons!


[10 Aug 2004|04:51pm]
first of all, been invited to join potter_universe so do go check it out :)

secondly..won best hp header at riddickulus but it's quite big so i'll put behind a cut

Hermione icon and headerCollapse )

icontests [07 Aug 2004|06:42pm]
Sorry for being away so long. I had a great time away but then I've really had no spare time until now.

Anyway, before I left I entered a few icontests..


3rd at potc__stillness

1st at trio_chorus

normal rules apply if you wish to take any..

and be sure to check out those contests communities!
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away [25 Jul 2004|11:50am]
well i'm off for a week or so - so sorry if i'm not responding to any of your comments or questions. i'll get back to you as soon as i'm back. bye!

FO banner [25 Jul 2004|11:33am]

please be sure to credit me in your userinfo if you user it, thanks

twice the sizeCollapse )
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FO banners [24 Jul 2004|11:42pm]
here i've made two 'friends only' banners. one is of the trio on the set and the other of dan and rupert at the premiere of poa.

please comment and credit in userinfo if taken. thanks.

take a lookCollapse )
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poa movie [23 Jul 2004|05:17pm]
i've lost my movie to a friend for a while so this is all i have..

02. 05. 06.

only 6: 3 map, fred, nimbus & siriusCollapse )
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teh_shit [18 Jul 2004|09:48pm]
i just applied for teh_shit and was accepted :) the fourth member of a new community. tis quite exciting.

02. 04. 05.

please comment and credit

application icons [7]Collapse )

take a look...

teh_shit teh_shit teh_shit teh_shit

[edit] also accepted at prefect_icons!!

prefect_icons prefect_icons prefect_icons
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more poa [17 Jul 2004|08:44pm]
05. 07. 11.

5 professors, 2 extras, 3 weasleys 1 harry & 1 grim Collapse )

poa movie icons [16 Jul 2004|02:10pm]
i'm currently making my way through poa so these are from the start of the movie leading up to the knight bus. i think most have text quoted from the movie.

02. 06. 12.

4 marge, 3 stan, 3 knight bus & 2 other Collapse )
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beginners batch [16 Jul 2004|01:58pm]
well here we go..

these are my first icons i did a while ago but i'll still put them up so you can see that i have, hopefully, improved.

01. 04. 09.

11 random trio & 2 siriusCollapse )

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