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That's me.
I talked to my sister tonight. (!!!) She's pobably graduating (finally) in December and I want to go down and seeee her! We can stop by Chatty on the way. rThe only problem is it won't be a Sid & Kati roadtrip because the graduation date is ONE DAY before he gets his license. Poo. Oh well, mom would probably want to come anyway. And my daddy might be there and my brother totally WILL, so YAYYY.
We met this new girl that I whom I suspect Sidney might be talking behind my back to, if that's even a grammatically correct sentence, but it doesn't matter really. Whatever. I'm over the talking thing except with that ONE PERSON. You know who you are.
I'm still not over my crush nor do I want to force myself to be, but I suspect that I can dull the pain by not focusing on it and thinking about how right now my life consists of WOW and Work and I feel... blah.
I had the SAT on Saturday and I hated it. I think I did well, but I still hated it.
Then I got doughnuts. Yayyy!
Oh, and I bought more MANGA.
And I'm reading Snow Crash, the prequel to Diamond Age, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS, so I'm happy there too.
And I have lots of junk food and moderate amounts of money and just enough free time. It's pretty good right now. And I work Monday, Thursday and NOT SATURDAY which is my first free Saturday in... I think three weeks. I could collapse from happy.
No, wait... I DON'T WORK SUNDAY EITHER. No wai. I have to double check this.
Wow, I have a fucking great work week, not to mention that I don't work crazy next week, either, just Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. No way no way no way. I am so happy right now.
Something bad is going to happen. I know it.
I can prove it. If you search for anything in this journal that's happy, something BAD inevitably follows.
Oh well.
Snow Crash time, guys!
I guess you want news.
The Awesome Blossom Katy-hug-bug Lady-bug has MAGNETIC SPOTS that Sid's whole family worked on for my awesome red Beetle, so now I have a REAL LADY BUG with a Sunflower and a fake McDonald's Build-A-Bear in it! The "bear" is really a Cat and that is it's name. Faux Bear CAT. It jams to the radio (that I shouldn't listen to... shh.)
I finally got a job! I put off applying for a bookstore for a year because I knew I'd spend all my money there! Put in an application at Walden's, and two days later I'm hired. Seriously. It's just wrong.
30% all purchases? Hell yeah.
I guess I'll post about school when I know how it is. Tomorrow.
And work. I start training tomorrow. So wish me luck I guess!
I think that's all the real, fun news. Road Trip/Chatty plans to be decided, mostly by Sid's folks who trust my driving him more than I expected.

Ohh! I started the script for one of the horror movies I'm doing (not the fake funny one, the fakumentary one) so if anyone has any IDEAS for a horror movie (or any other kind of movie, I'm not picky) feel free to comment. You'll have documentation you have it to me. You'll get a credit mention. Ya know. Fame & glory.

Love everyone.