time warp

i'm reading a book about the past written when it was the future. and the incongruences keep tripping me up.

but the oddest of all is the way the author missed the generational shift of names. the characters are political leaders of the past decade with names that are more common in nursing homes and written in stone in the graveyard. names of men with battle scars from iwo jima and tatoos they can't remember getting. not men carrying briefcases and secret hopes that no one remembers that they did, in fact, inhale, on those blissed out nights when everything seemed possible.

Hobbit hole

I saw an empty tree today.
The ground was littered with acorns, acorns without their hats and eaten away, yet still green and plump from all the rain. The tree was tall with small green leaves. The bark was rough and that silver gray that bark is. A color that is familiar but not a color at all, just a place holder for shadows. The center was gone, just a space with dirt, twigs and some brown, brittle shreds of paper at the base. The bark gave way to smooth wood outlining space and darkness, cool and dry with the smell of dirt and dry wood. The opening rose from ground height, wide enough for a person to enter. I could have entered and sat in the dim cool circle at the center of the tree. My knees under my chin, my back against the inside of the tree, the soft shredded deep brown of the inside of the tree supporting me, unsteady in my crouch. The sides of the tree swooped in together so that at head height the tree come together and continued up, healthy and whole, a wide canopy of small round green leaves that dappled the sunshine and whispered in the breeze.

Accompllishments for the day

Planted seeds - Sweet corn, arugula and New Zealand spinach.
Whacked down some weeds.
Made butternut squash ravioli, 36 little half circles.
Knitted 16 rows in my shawl.
Cleaned and vacuumed the living room.
Watched Glee. I had goosebumps when they were singing Dream On. (Did I really look that lame in high school?)
Bought tomato and pepper plants.

goy vey

(because I wanted to spell it oi vey!)

Worked in the garden for an hour and a half and I am wrung out. Is it possible to use all your ATP/electrolytes in 1 1/2 hours?

Really bad personal ad

Boring person seeks same for fun and fellowship. Hobbies include cataloging pigeons, sorting dust bunnies and cruising rural roads hoping for alien abduction. Call me and we can spend what seems like an eternity together.

With a little help from my friends

With all the changes and loss I've experienced in the last year, no midwife, becoming a mother-in-law, etc. I want to have a party/ritual to let go and move on. I'm thinking the Japanese ritual that honors the dead with the flickering paper lanterns on water is close to what I want to do. The Chinese do something similar but their "lanterns" end up being bonfires on rafts. I just can't do either right now because all the water up here is solid.

I'm hopeful that I can craft something meaningful with some input from my friends. Do you have some suggestions for a ritual? Perhaps something you saw at a party, read in a book or experienced in worship?

I'm thinking the spring equinox would be a perfect time. I just hope there is a big thaw before hand.