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All accidental, having entire slapstick featurettes in my kitchen, flying milk&bubble-gun-soap&papers; clumsy, crashing & dressed in clothes sizes&sizes too large.
weird & slamming & toxic & nauseous

home =

& researching in spare time = sex minus the exchange of bodily fluids!

+The Oblong Boys make me feel like crushed techno metal beeps, bright colours, lollipops, thick dayglo shoelaces & the kinds of dances that are a little bit like having seizures.
In the best way.

+ want to go whitewater rafting this June. I missed rafting in Arizona.
+ sewing & miiiiiight post
+ taking college classes this summer
+ going to see Cait for five days!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!

Reading here & there.

+ lately, horror novel/movie binge=cure for insomnia? Perhaps!
Oops it's four am. Nevermind!