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I left early from school today....again...I wasnt ready for that stupid History essay portion shitthingy. so i (in the words of thy ghetto friends) dipped. XD

anywas,I cancelled my order for Ware today from HMV, because I'm sooo not payin 20 extra dollars for shipping...I'm broke....and...I need a job *whines*

But its all good and gravy cuz I just bought it at J-xyz. I know that when I have a good expirience somewhere...I stick to it :D

so yeah...I should be getting my photoalbum soon. *celebrates*

Anyways! Yesterday I went to Karen's house, since it was early release, and we talked about the senior trip to Japan...(which I REALLY want to go on) ...we're still tryin to figure out if we should stay a month, or shorter. Cuz I have to admit....a month is VERY expensive. I think it's all gonna depend on how much money we'll be able to save by that time.

...and again! I need a job ;_; *whines*
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I posted this in a community....but I wanna see if you guys know this..... :D

anyways! Question!

Do any of you know what magazine this pic came out of?

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came home early >.>. I have to finish my English project due tommorrow. Damn my English class! I didn't even read the book for the project. I'm so sleepy. That's what I get for goin' to sleep at 4 am. I fell asleep during 2nd period. I really should stop doin that...but it's so hard not too! Chemistry is soo boring! Next week, I'll probably be offline for a while cuz of midterms, but after, I'll be back on XD

omg...I've been obsessed with a Miyavi song, joushou gaido...I think that's it >.> <.< I've been listening to it two days straight 0.0, I don't even wanna listen to the rest of Galyuu @.@

So yeah, I'm gonna go finish that stupid project now.

Remember kids! Procrastination is a bad,bad thing!
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My LiveJournal 12 Days
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6 kynektias a-skating.
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2 rabbit soliths.
And a theresaj in a raspberry tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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Teehee! I go my ring yesterday!

It's so puurrrttyy! its white gold, with a light, light, green stone (my birthday stone ^^) I went to the ring ceremony yesterday, and it was fun! It was Vanessa, Vanessa, silentaura, and me. Today, everyone at school were all excited about getting their rings. Everyone at our table had one. Heehee. Well...I have a Civil War newspaper project due THURSDAY, and I have'nt even started -_-;;;;. And why?? Because my partner isnt even in my class period and hasent come to school!!! grrr! I'm gonna end up doing it alone. *sigh* oh well. That's why I HATE WORKING IN GROUPS WITH A PASSION!!!

so yeah....I'm gonna go start it, I should of started hours ago, but I'm a dumbass and fell asleep...

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Dogs and Fuzzy slippers do not mix -_-

My uncle brought his dog today, and he is sooo cute! It looks like a bulldog...but it isnt. It's smaller and less wrinkly. It's called an Enlish somethin'. Can anyone take a guess or somethin' at what it is? I kinda wanted to know...

He asked me if I wanted it...but dad doesnt like doggies very much ;_;. I used to have another a year ago...named KC..but he took him away. Yup! I was pretty mad at my dad for a LONG while. But I got over it. I want one dammit!! ;_;


It might sound weird...but hey! I wanna know!

Are Kagerou and Kagrra the same group. I don't listen to them very much....just starting too. And I was wonderin' that. :/

Well...I'm off! I need a bath!
I stink like a dog >.>;;;
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Didn't go to school today. I didn't feel very good. I had really bad stomach aches :(

But I feel better now. :D

I woke up at 1 pm O.o, and my mom dragged me to the store so she can buy some lady a christmas present. Well, I bought these pants and a shirt.(yes..because I'm clothing-deprived -_-;;) I also bought my shoes to go with this stupid dress(yes,I have to wear a dress -_-;;;;)for that stupid ring ceremony on Monday. *sigh*...I don't even feel like goin'. I'm gonna feel like a girl!Ummm...ok...I am one...but still!!