_purpleglitter_'s Journal

to surrender dreams or be too sane is madness
I am an outgoing, eccentric, creative and hyper young woman who may have actually found some direction in this twisted life, but check back in a few years to see if it lasted.

2010 update: I started off the best January in 10 years...maybe the curse inducing my most hated month of the year has been broken? Life is getting more and more interesting every waking moment...a universe of coincidences that certainly just can not be coincidences at all have set the current stage for that which i will never know till it happens. i'm excited to be on this journey of life belonging to me and me alone first and foremost. But I am also feeling extra fortunate that I have been continually surrounded by extremely intelligent, fascinating, sometimes insanely chaotic and strange, but always amazing and loyal people who enrich and embellish all of my experiences. Because without risk,there is is no reward and without sharing your art,ideas,and memories, how do you know they even exist? or if you do for that matter? 18 months ago,I stood on a mountainside and united part of my spirit with that belonging to the most fascinating person of them all (to me of course and maybe you too!) and now I look forward to skipping through the universal forest turning over more and more rocks to figure out what lays ahead both for us as one and for us each on our own, because man there are a lot of rocks and I am one very inquisitive and imaginative young lady and I want to do and see and be it all at least once!