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i finally have flickr. it's just the shots of my bedroom so far. sorry the photos are all uneven in size. too lazy to fix.

i haven't slept before 4.30am for nearly a week. not to mention the few nights of no sleep at all. i've reached, and just passed one of the most hectic times of school- the submission of portfolios. the two-week mid term break starts tomorrow, which will be somewhat relaxing. i'm currently studying media, design and technology (fashion), studio arts and visual communication and design. in spite of the sleep deprivation, the social sacrifices the skipping of meals just to finish an art piece, i love the subjects i have and i don't see myself doing anything else like maths or schiences.
this is the one year of my life i am a fashion designer, a film maker, a graphic designer and an illustrator, all at the same time. it's prettty awesome.
we've been told that us art students are never understood in regards to the amount of work we have to do, "creativity goes much deeper than a maths formula" and that kinda' stuff..

p.s. how does one cut up a journal entry? (hiding the rest of the images or writing - got it!

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