hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance (_pulltrigger) wrote,
hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance


mood: tired
music: moonshadow - cat stevens

i'm taking photos as i type! well, not literally but i'll post them in 5 mins -ish! tomorrow instead!

i owe you guys something good, i know. i promised i wouldn't neglect lj when i have a site up and i've failed miserably.

well, this is all i can offer for tonight, here are some boredom links for you... well i think they're pretty spiffy so i'll take back boredom. it'll keep you busy, trust me. plus, it's so much more fun clicking random x's not knowing where you're gonna go. go and literally get lost in these sites, click away!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

geek talk: it's far too early to feel the burden of owning a site. yes, i enjoy making layouts and making new little "webdesigner" buddies, but i feel pressured having to constantly update it to please my host, viewers and those passer-by-ers. personally, i believe running a personal website is like a huge competition (gaining hits, making better layouts than your previous ones, enhancing those skills, rah, rah, rah). my site's doing real well so far. i've ben getting quite a number of comments, just comes to show that my work's being appreciated. i don't know. if i neglect lj anymore because of my blog there (so sick of having two blogs) i'll turn it into a portfolio site. something simple. i'm very happy with lj and the community here atm. i just need some space for my art, nothing more. let's just wait and see for now.

EDIT/ she takes the best photos of herself. i'm straight yes, but i love her, lol. awesome artistic shots, she's very talented indeed. check out her photo section. click here./EDIT

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