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hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance

it's UP mofucka

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N crashcabVICTIM

... finally (btw, andrea you're linked cause you rock)

i blogged there earlier tonight at my site, so i'll be sorta' repeating myself but rewording it... and i thought owning one blog was a chore URGH. i bullshitted my way throught my whole i.t exam today. did better than i expected too. media's next, but i'll be taking these next exams seriously (studio art, visual communication and design, legal studies, yadda yadda yadda) because i'm a perfectionist with the subjects i actually enjoy. i have my rmit fashion short course tomorrow- this was supposed to be fun. lying fuckers. i am definitely not up for anything early saturday mornings.
on the brighter side of life... *blank*. i have two more long weeks til i'm free from school until next year (then we start all over again) and i've lost my nice rosemin wallet with $140 cash for the formal money - but i'll be getting a new card in 5 days (yes, this is supposed to be good news), second time this year not to mention.
this sucks. i'm more depressed now than how i was before i started blogging. some outlet. i think i should sleep... and maybe start going back to church, lmao.

ps. http://crashcab.org/victim
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