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music: i believe in a thing called love - the darkness

weeeeeeeeeeee.................. we've finally stocked up on canned tuna & crackers! for the past five days i've checked the same cupboards over and over wondering when mum would be grocery-ing again.

i bought two button badges today. one of the lovely kurt cobain looking like he's suffocating with 'nirvana' nicely printed beneath his pretty little face and another one of the darkness. ran out of change to buy more. and yes, this was from restrostar vintage clothing which was that photo of the store i showed you earlier (if you scroll down), lol. before shopping, i attended my first day at uni. well sort of. i joined an rmit uni fashion drawing & design intensive course which would take place every saturday 9-1.30 in the city. i was actually rostered to work today but never had a chance to tell them i couldn't come, because of this course .they actually don't know anything about it- and i work every saturday! i'm just too slack to tell them my new availability- or lack of in this case. unavailability... so i told them i had diarrhoea and they told me to watch what i eat. lmao.

i wanna further update you about this life of mine and i honestly have quite a bit to say (i've updated my friendster profile and realized i'm not that boring as i think i and say i am.. haha. yep, bar the conceited bitch now)....... but i promised myself i would study for exams this afternoon. and seeing i have drawing homework from fashion, guess i'll have to get that out of the way too.

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