hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance (_pulltrigger) wrote,
hello i'm audrey,pleased to make your acquaintance

analyse this

mood: musical
music: nobody outs baby in the corner - fall out boy

what does this mean to you?

and the girl wants to survive
she roams the city lookin for the life she once owned, there ain't no dyin alone.. (no dyin alone!)
where is her lover now? he's pissed on the floor, beneath her feet and she can't feel it (can't feel it)
with those heals she's far from the ground
so high but why is she searching for someone so low?
how can one degrade themselves... with so much shit on their shelves. it's time to move on!
she needs to survive and she's got it all wrong.
she'll be dyin alone... ohh dying alone...

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